What Does Green Light Mean On Caliburn?

Published May 3rd 2022
This article looks at what the different colours on the Caliburn device mean and how this impacts your vaping experience.

What Does Green Light Mean On Caliburn?

When the Caliburn lights up Green, the battery charge is over 60%.

Caliburn kits, unlike some other pod-based vape device brands, are all equipped with a clear, easy-to-read LED indicator. In this case, the Caliburn’s LED acts as a battery indicator, with both Red, Green and Blue meaning different levels of battery charge remaining.

The green light on a Caliburn indicates that the device has over 60% of its battery charge remaining. This usually means it is safe to take it out for a day or two without worrying about having to recharge it somewhere.

The blue light means that the charge is between 30% to 60%, and is a good indicator that you either get ready to charge your device or puff less to conserve battery percentage.

Lastly, a red light means that the battery must be charged. Under 30% charge, the red light will automatically flash, and when it has almost completely depleted its battery, the Caliburn will blink ten times and immediately shut off.

What Does It Mean When A Caliburn Blinks Blue?

If you are getting vapour, then when your Caliburn blinks blue, you are operating at a medium battery level between 30% to 60%. If you press the power button three times in a row, the light blinking blue indicates that the vape pen has changed to its medium power output mode.

If you are still getting a blinking blue light, it might also be because your vape pen is in a locked state. Press the indicator five times in rapid succession to exit lock mode, and you should be able to use your battery again. If it still isn’t working, clean the contacts between the pod and the machine.

Why Is Caliburn Flashing Blue?

If your Caliburn is blinking blue, it probably means that the battery level is medium and low.

A good way to control your smoking habits is to limit the number of puffs you take so that your battery can last longer. Another way to ensure that this last 30% to 60% of the battery doesn’t get depleted is by pressing the fire button three times to ensure that the device switches to medium power consumption.

Why is my Caliburn Blinking Blue And Not Hitting?

When your Caliburn is blinking blue, it usually means that the remaining battery cost is 30% to 60%. However, if you catch it blinking only three times, then it means that the link to the heating coil has been lost. This may be because of a multitude of reasons. The coil could be unlinked to the vape; the coil could be burnt out or short circuits.

While you can change the pod or the coil, and that will most definitely fix it, there are some ways to attempt to fix the coil yourself that you shouldn’t discount. One way is by blowing on the coil after taking the pod out. The air hole at the bottom of the atomiser could also be clogged and gently touching it usually fixes the flashing error.

One of the simplest things people ask you to do when troubleshooting a computer, for example, is to turn it on and off again to check to see if it’s just some error. Similarly, as caliburns are so technologically advanced, caliburns come with a self-locking function.

Pressing the fire switch consecutively five times in short order will unlock or lock your device. The LED will blink to suggest that it is open. Check that your Caliburn device is unlocked and test again, and if it still doesn’t work, then you have to try other methods.

Another such method is by recharging the onboard battery. An e-cigarette is not like a lighter that only runs out when it runs out of physical lighter fuel. An e-cigarette could have some battery remaining but if it's not enough, sometimes your device will fail to puff. In this case, connect your micro-USB or Type-C cable and start charging.

Lastly, you should check if the shell has any loss of contact or electrical connection with the device, as this would lead to the inability to fire off with buttons on the shell casing. Use a cotton bud or a Q-tip to clean the top of the Caliburn, watching out, especially for metal contacts. Look into the bottom of the reservoir and clean out any dust or remaining e-liquid. Lastly, remove the pod and use a medium-sized swab or cotton to clean the bottom of the surface. This will absorb any excess or leaked e-juice that may have been the source of the interference.

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