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Doozy Vape Co. is a UK-based e-liquid brand known for delivering premium-quality e-liquids using high-grade ingredients. Doozy vape liquids come in 10ml and 100ml bottles in a diverse range of flavours and product types catering to all vaping needs. Their nicotine salts come in multiple strengths and PG/VG ratios and provide a smooth vaping experience ideal for both sub-ohm and MTL vaping. With a significant UK presence and international availability, Doozy participates in innovating the vaping market and is known for its great flavours and blends.


FAQs About Doozy E-Liquids

Where are Doozy Vape Co e-liquids made?

Doozy Vape Co e-liquids are proudly made in the UK using only the finest, premium-quality ingredients. By producing locally, Doozy maintains tight control over the entire manufacturing process from start to finish, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety.

What types of e-liquids does Doozy Vape Co offer?

Doozy Vape Co offers a wide selection of e-liquid types to suit every vaping need and preference:

  • Doozy Shortfills - Provide space to add separate nicotine shots. Ideal for sub-ohm vaping.
  • Doozy Nic Salts - Offer a smooth throat hit and fast nicotine absorption.
  • Doozy 50VG/50PG - Balanced blend with freebase nicotine from 3mg - 18mg, suitable for all vaping styles.

So whether you prefer MTL or DTL vaping, Doozy has you covered.

What flavour profiles are available?

Doozy Vape Co offers an extensive range of juicy combination flavour profiles, including:

  • Fruits - From strawberry, mixed fruit to mixed berries, citrus to tropical.
  • Desserts - Rich custards, sweet pastries and more.
  • Tobaccos - Smooth tobacco blends.
  • Drinks - Coffee, milkshakes, cocktails and sodas.
  • Candy - Sweet cotton candy & fruity bubblegums.
  • Menthols - Cooling mint, menthol and ice options.

With so many flavours on offer, you're sure to find your perfect all-day vape.

How does vaping Doozy e-liquids enhance the vaping experience?

Doozy e-liquids are expertly crafted to deliver the ultimate vaping experience with:

  • Smooth sensation—Doozy's premium ingredients produce silky, smooth vapour in every puff, exciting taste buds.
  • Fast nic salt absorption - Doozy nic salt e-liquids rapidly deliver nicotine for a quick, satisfying vape
  • Versatile shortfills - Mix in nic shots to create your desired strength for greater control
  • Ideal for all vaping kits - Optimised PG:VG blends work flawlessly with sub-ohm vaping devices or MTL setups

By focusing on quality and vaper-centric innovation, Doozy provides exceptional e-liquids that enhance all aspects of the vaping experience.

Why should I choose Doozy Vapes?

As a leading UK brand, Doozy offers compelling reasons to choose them as your go-to e-liquid:

  • Their premium quality ingredients and smooth flavour profiles appeal to all vapers.
  • The diverse product range caters for all vaping needs and experience levels.
  • Batch testing and childproof packaging give confidence in safety.
  • Competitive pricing makes the exceptional quality extremely good value.

With a dedication to innovation and quality in the vaping market, Doozy cements itself as a premier e-liquid brand in the UK and beyond.

How does Doozy ensure safety and quality?

Doozy Vape Co. takes product safety very seriously. All e-liquids come in tamper-evident, childproof squeezable plastic bottles featuring seals to prevent leakage and contamination.

Only the highest-grade ingredients are used, and all production adheres to TPD, ESMA, and FDA quality regulations and standards.