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Imp Jar E-Liquids

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Imp Jar e-liquids are top-quality vape juice made right here in the UK. Offering both shortfill e-liquids and nicotine salts aimed at recreating the flavours of popular disposable vapes, their goal is to provide a more affordable, eco-friendly alternative using high-grade ingredients approved under TPD regulations.

Imp Jar shortfills come in 50ml bottles that you can turn into 60ml of smooth, flavourful 3mg vape juice by adding the included nicotine shot. The lineup extends to Imp Jar salts, which provide a nice smooth throat hit you would usually expect from a disposable vape. Both ranges have a 50% VG ratio, producing less vapour for a more discreet vape.


FAQs About Imp Jar E-Liquids

What flavours are available in the Imp Jar shortfill range?

The Imp Jar shortfill range comes in a wide variety of flavours inspired by popular disposable vapes. These include:

  • Fruit Flavours: Banana Ice, Blueberry, Blueberry Raspberry Pomegranate, Kiwi Passionfruit Guava, Pineapple Grapefruit, Pineapple Ice, Pineapple Peach Mango
  • Citrus Flavours: Blue Razz Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, Lemon & Lime, Peach Lemon
  • Sweet Flavours: Blueberry Sour Raspberry, Cherry, Cherry Cola, Cola, Cotton Candy Ice, Cream Tobacco, Double Apple
  • Fizzy Flavours: Fizz Blackcurrant & Lemonade, Fizz Cream Soda, Fizzy Orange, Fizz Mango & Guava, Fizz Summer Fruits & Lemonade

So, with over 80 flavour options, you're bound to love a fair few!

How do I turn the Imp Jar shortfill into a nicotine e-liquid?

Each Imp Jar shortfill bottle contains 50ml of 0mg (no nicotine) e-liquid. Simply add the included 18mg nicotine shot, shake well, and you'll have 60ml of smooth 3mg nicotine e-liquid ready to vape.

The nic shot contains concentrated nicotine salts that mix evenly into the shortfill to create the perfect nic strength. Adding your own nic shot gives you more flexibility and is much more economical than buying pre-mixed e-liquid. Just make sure to store any opened e-liquid properly in a cool, dark place and shake well before each use.

As with all shortfills at IndeJuice, we provide free nic shots with every order.

What types of vape kits work best with Imp Jar e-liquids?

Imp Jar e-liquids are specially formulated to work best with Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) vape kits and tanks. MTL vaping involves taking short, mouth-drawn puffs that are gently inhaled, similar to smoking a cigarette. The 50% VG formulation and discreet vapour production of Imp Jar e-liquids complements this style of vaping perfectly.

We recommend using Imp Jar e-liquids with compact, higher-ohm MTL kits like:

Pairing Imp Jar e-liquids with these tight-draw MTL tanks and mods will give you the most satisfying vape experience.

Why are Imp Jar e-liquids a better choice than disposables?

There are two main reasons why Imp Jar e-liquids are a smarter choice than disposable vapes:

1. More Economical
Disposable vapes like Elf Bars and Lost Marys can only be used once before throwing away the entire device and buying a replacement. This gets very expensive over time! Imp Jar e-liquids allow you to reuse bottles and just top up flavours when needed, saving you lots of money in the long run.

2. More Eco-Friendly
Disposables produce lots of plastic waste and electronic waste that ends up in landfills. Imp Jar bottles are 100% recyclable, allowing them to be reused over and over, producing far less waste. And the ingredients and manufacturing processes adhere to high eco-standards. So you get that great disposable flavour without harming the planet!

How is the vapour production and throat hit with Imp Jar e-liquids?

With a 50% VG formulation, Imp Jar e-liquids are designed to produce more discreet vapour than higher VG juices. This makes them perfect for discreet, stealth vaping where big clouds aren't appropriate. The vapour is still satisfying, especially when paired with a Mouth-To-Lung tank or pod kit.

As for throat hit, Imp Jar salt nicotine e-liquids produce a smooth yet satisfying throat sensation. The nic salts are absorbed rapidly by the body, avoiding any harshness or irritation on your throat. This results in a very pleasant MTL vape experience that isn't too overpowering.

How do I know Imp Jar e-liquids are safe and high quality?

You can vape Imp Jar e-liquids with complete confidence and peace of mind knowing that:

  • They are manufactured in the UK by the award-winning brand Prohibition to the highest safety and quality standards. As an MHRA-approved and TPD-compliant producer, Prohibition adheres to extensive regulations and standards around e-liquid manufacturing.
  • Only high-grade ingredients and the latest processes are used with strict quality control procedures.
  • They are fully TPD compliant and MHRA notified, meeting all legal requirements for sales and distribution in the UK and EU.
  • Rigorous independent testing is performed on the ingredients, finished liquids and vapour.

Imp Jar e-liquids adhere to the most stringent regulations and standards in the vaping industry. This ensures fantastic flavours and performance without any nasty surprises.