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IndeJuice - UK's Leading Electronic Cigarette Store & Specialist

Established in 2016, IndeJuice has become the leading online electronic cigarette shop with the largest collection of products in the world. As the UK's best electronic cigarette specialist, you can find everything you need with Free UK Next Day Delivery.

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes work by heating vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol to create warm vapour that can then be inhaled. This is totally different to smoking tobacco. When combining the above ingredients with flavourings, manufacturers are able to create different flavoured refills that help users quit smoking tobacco and switch to electronic cigarettes on our online store.

Electronic cigarettes usually come in kits, but you can also buy separate tanks and RBAs such as RDAs, RTAs and RDTAs. The latter should only be used by those that are experienced with electronic cigarettes and not those that have recently switched from smoking tobacco.

What are the UK Electronic Cigarette laws?

Due to the Tobacco Products Directive, refill products sold throughout the United Kingdom and Europe for electronic cigarettes, are limited to a 10ml capacity if they have nic. This is regardless of strength or whether sold in retail or on our online electronic cigarettes shop. If the product does not come with nic, then it can be sold at any capacity. This means that all products over this volume are only permitted to be sold at zero strength whilst all products that volume and under can be sold with any strength up to a maximum of 20mg.

In order to be sold throughout Europe these electronic cigarette products must undergo a series of strict tests to ensure that they are complaint with the regulations set out by the Tobacco Products Directive. Once passed, these electronic cigarette products can then be sold to the public at their tested strength to help users quit smoking. All products on the IndeJuice are TPD compliant and Prime Certified.

As refills that are over 10ml do not contain nic, they do not fall under the scope of the Tobacco Products Directive and therefore are not legally required to be tested as other electronic cigarette products are. Although, most manufactures do still test their zero nic electronic cigarettes products to be future proof to new regulatory changes.

Switching from tobacco to an electronic cigarette

When switching to electronic cigarettes from smoking, we recommended starting with a refill that is proportionate in strength to the amount of tobacco cigarettes you smoke. This is because your body will be used to a certain strength from tobacco. Successful replacement therapy from smoking tobacco to electronic cigarettes would entail replacing the delivery method of that addictive component with a safer delivery method, but initially staying at a similar level and gradually moving down in strengths. You can use our Cig to Nic Calculator to help you calculate the correct strength for you.

If you are a heavy smoker, we recommended that you start with a high concentration strength to help you switch from smoking tobacco. If you seek a stronger experience when using an electronic cigarette then freebase is preferable, but if you would like a gentler and softer experience at the same strength then salt technology may be the right route for you. Both types are available in most retail or online shops.

As most people who are switching to electronic cigarettes are not only used to a certain strength from smoking tobacco but also used to either menthol or plain tobacco, those who make the switch to stay Smokefree stick to that sort of taste to help substitute the taste of cigarettes in the most accurate way possible.

By starting with a familiar strength and taste that may or may not be complimented with an additional note, you will be able to successfully start moving over dependence from smoking whilst simultaneously staying interested in electronic cigarettes. This is crucially important to maintain consistency in the switch from smoking to electronic cigarettes.

Choosing the best electronic cigarette kit

Kits that require separate 18650 batteries are generally more powerful than devices that have in-built batteries. When choosing a top-up of your preference you should also consider the friendliness to your replacement coils, cartridges or pods. Just as your preferred strength may take some experimentation when switching from smoking, the limits of your chosen kit will also take some getting used to. The main properties that you should be aware of as they may affect your electronic cigarette component lifespan is the composition of the refill.

Taking each of these in turn, the ratio of the top-up you have chosen will determine how thick it is. The general rule is that the thicker the compound, the more energy is required to heat up the electronic cigarette thus reducing lifespan.

For similar reasons, the strength you choose may also affect the lifespan of your kit. However, this effect is not as profound as the above and can generally be ignored. In any event, the higher the strength you use in your electronic cigarette, the more likely it is that the colour of the refill will change in a faster time frame due to the oxidation of the compound.

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