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Why Is My Caliburn Not Producing Smoke?

Published 5 May 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

Why Is My Caliburn Not Producing Smoke?

Why Is My Caliburn Not Producing Smoke?

Users may sometimes find their UWELL Caliburn vape is unreactive when they push the button and take a deep inhale. Before jumping to conclusions and assuming that your device is spoilt, ensure that it is not locked and your Caliburn pod is securely pushed into the device.

A brand new UWELL Caliburn vape is most likely locked for safety reasons. You can simply click the fire button rapidly, five times in succession, to unlock your device. Once unlocked, the button should flash a bright LED light.

If you realise that the button is not lit despite pressing the button five times quickly, then the problem may lie in the battery life of your UWELL Caliburn. Your device is likely out of battery, so go ahead and plug your device in the charging port for about an hour — that should do the trick!

The UWELL Caliburn is designed to be durable. However, if you ever find your device to be faulty and leak — here are some possible contributing factors.

Firstly, leaving your device untouched for too long may cause a leak. Ideally, you should use up the e-liquid in your device within 24 hours. Any longer duration will cause the e-liquid to decompose on the coil and destabilise the device, thus causing a leak. Hence, be sure to empty all the e-liquid if you know that you cannot finish it in a day.

High temperatures could cause your device to leak. Do not leave your device in a heated environment such as under direct sunlight or exposed in any vehicle. The scientific explanation states that heat will cause the e-liquid molecules to expand. If your device is full, the expanded molecules will push out through the coil and the mouthpiece, eventually resulting in a leakage.

Low and freezing temperatures may cause the plastic to release too much heat and become fragile. Any small cracks in your device would cause leakage. The bottom line is that extreme temperatures increase the chances of a leak in your device. Your best bet is to leave it in room temperature conditions.

The speed and power of your drawing will increase the likelihood of a leak in your device. The e-liquid could flow into the airflow chambers instead of through the mouthpiece when you inhale too quickly and with too much strength. Therefore, it’s best if you inhale slowly and steadily.

Ensure your pod is pushed into the Caliburn device, making sure the connectors are touching. You should hear a click when you do this.

Next, if you accidentally dropped your device or hit it against a hard surface, double-check to ensure that there are no cracks. If you see any damage, you should stop using them for your own safety.

Lastly, if you’re taking a plane, empty your device before boarding. All vaping products cannot handle the immense cabin pressure.

So, to lower your Caliburn’s chances of not producing any smoke, make sure to take these factors into account!

Check out our article on is Caliburn a mouth to lung vape for more Uwell vape insights!

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