Is Caliburn A Mouth To Lung Vape?

Published May 5th 2022
This article discusses how the Caliburn is a mouth to lung vape, and if you can get a DTL Caliburn kit.

Is Caliburn A Mouth To Lung Vape?

Yes, the Caliburn is a Mouth To Lung device which gives a similar cessation to smoking cigarettes. The Uwell Caliburn ships as an interchangeable pod-based vape system. The Caliburn’s replacement pods all come with a 1.4ohm heating coil and can be used with a 1.2 ohm Koko pod.

With a good mouth to lung vape, ideally, you are looking for a heating coil with over 1 ohm of resistance so the power going through the coil heats the e-liquid evenly and produces a measured amount of smooth-tasting vapour. The Caliburn has been widely reported to be a simple, smooth mouth-to-lung vaping experience right out of the box.

The Caliburn can be modified further by refilling the pods with your e-liquid of choice that has more or less PG. Propylene glycol, commonly known as PG, is a tasteless, smooth liquid that acts as one of two main components of e-liquid. PG is well-liked in a mouth-to-lung style because it blends well with smooth and understated flavours and carries a great throat feel.

PG is found in most mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung e-liquids in differing ratios, but if you see a PG level higher than 50%, you can be sure that it is for a mouth-to-lung device.

Can You DTL A Caliburn?

No, the Caliburn is not MTL. You’ll be hard-pressed to get a good DTL hit in the Uwell Caliburn’s stock configuration. This is because the Caliburn was shipped as a mouth-to-lung, or MTL experience. The Caliburn A2 and G kits can be used as restricted direct to lung.

MTL or mouth-to-lung vaping technique differs significantly from DTL or direct-to-lung when vaping. The two styles vary because, with MTL, you inhale to your mouth first before breathing it into your lung, whereas in DTL vaping, you inhale it straight to your lungs. DTL vaping style is used in a high powered device, which utilises lower resistance coils.

Thus, as it needs to move a further distance, DTL requires a high, thick vapour cloud production that the Uwell’s Caliburn cannot produce.

You can improve the DTL experience in your Uwell Caliburn by changing the e-liquid, for one. Favouring an e-liquid that gives you up to 70% VG is an excellent way to increase the device’s vapour potential.

However, this will not be able to change the fact that the Caliburn vape coil has a 1.4ohm and 1.2-ohm resistance at its core, which puts it much higher than any traditional sub-ohm coil. Sub-Ohm, well, it’s in the name, refers to vaping with a heating coil with resistance lower than 1 ohm. This would allow more power to be transferred through the coil and the liquid to achieve a higher evaporation rate in the same amount of time.

Is Caliburn Mouth-to-Lung?

Yes! The Caliburn ships with pods that contain a heating coil rated at 1.4ohms of resistance. The mouth-to-lung vaping style prioritises high resistance in their heating coils to burn balanced or PG-high liquids smoothly to get a satisfying flavour balance and throat.

In its stock configuration, the Uwell Caliburn is not just a mouth-to-lung vape but also a good one. Users have commented on the Caliburn’s smooth vapour texture combined with durable and pre-filled pods with great tasting flavours or nicotine salts.

Is Caliburn A Sub-Ohm?

No, a Caliburn device is not a sub-ohm device.

By definition, sub-Ohm refers to a resistance of 1.0 Ohm and below. As the Caliburn is a low wattage device and its vape coil can only fire as low as 1.2 Ohm, Caliburn is technically not a sub-Ohm.

Uwell’s Caliburn, available in the UK and Canada, was designed to be shipped as a vape kit designed for a mouth to lung vaping experience. For those of you that don’t know, there are two main types of vaping styles: mouth-to-lung (sometimes referred to as “traditional”) and direct-to-lung (commonly abbreviated as DTL and referred to as sub-ohm.)

Sub-ohm devices enable you to reach high wattages and use coil resistances lower than 1 0hm. Some Caliburn devices allow you to use coil resistances such as 0.8ohm. However, this is not a sub-ohm and is more a restricted direct to lung vaping style.

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