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Why Is My Vape Spitting Juice In My Mouth?

Published 10 June 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

Why Is My Vape Spitting Juice In My Mouth?

Why Is My Vape Spitting Juice In My Mouth?

E-liquid that has not been appropriately vapourised due to a flooded coil and being over-saturated can cause spitting in the mouth. This is known as 'spitback'.

There’s a simple explanation for this. In your vape, there’s this part called the atomiser, and in the atomiser is a wick, usually cotton, used for absorbing e-liquid. Then, the heating coil activates upon a puff signal like an inhale or a button press. When these pops occur, it means that in the middle of the heating coil, there is an excess buildup of e-liquid, resulting in it not being able to be vapourised thoroughly.

As vape pens are built around turning the e-liquid smoothly into vapour, the excess e-liquid in the centre is heated to a high temperature. The e-liquid starts popping like bubbles in boiling water, and some of these bubbles might end up shooting up the centre post of your vape tank. The whole tank itself can be rendered unusable if this often happens enough or if you’re incredibly unlucky, and hot e-liquid is harmful to your mouth. If this happens, make sure you quickly drink some water.

Now, you can do one of a few methods that will most likely eliminate spit back. First, you should give your vape tank some short sharp flicking. Position the vape tank over a basin and prepare some tissue. If you do this at the right downward angle, the excess liquid should fly out of your mouthpiece.

If that doesn’t work, try firing your battery before inhaling so you fully vaporise the excess liquid and remove yourself from danger. Lastly, if using a high wattage device, you can consider turning up the power or switching to higher VG e-liquids.

Why Is Juice Coming Out Of My Vape When I Hit It?

E-juice comes out of your vape when you activate it because there is excess e-liquid in the centre of your heating coil. This is quite common and usually referred to as “spitback”. 

When your coil becomes flooded with e-liquid and over-saturated, it spitbacks. The vape is spitting back e-liquid up your mouthpiece and back down the centre column of your vape tank.

Why does this happen? Well, when the excess e-liquid in the centre starts getting heated, instead of vaporising in a controlled, smooth manner, it retains heat and vaporises inconsistently. This causes the e-liquid to start heating up, popping like boiling water, and causes it to shoot up the mouthpiece, making it quite harmful to the user.

The way to fix it is to flick it, turn up the power or use a higher VG e-liquid. Another way to prevent spitback is not to overfill your tank or pod. Make sure your prime your coil correctly, giving it plenty of time. Make sure your device is a medium to high charge.

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