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Why Is My Disposable Vape Hot?

Published 7 July 2022, Updated 9 April 2024

Why Is My Disposable Vape Hot?

Why Is My Disposable Vape Hot?

Several reasons can cause your disposable vape to begin getting hot. This is usually caused by excessive vaping/chain-smoking, restricted airflow and storage.

Your disposable vape heating up isn't a concern; disposable devices are designed to use heat effectively, the battery passes energy to the coil, and the coil converts it into heat which then vapourises the e-liquid housed inside the disposable vape, the result of this is a stream of vapour sent through the tip ready to inhale. Your vape heating up slightly is a normal by-product of this.

Excessive vaping/Chain smoking.

A common issue that can cause your disposable vape to start getting hot is excessive vaping or chain-smoking, meaning you are using your disposable vape way too frequently. Unlike a regular tobacco cigarette, disposables vapes do not finish after around 15-20 inhales, meaning that using it very often becomes a novelty, but after doing this for a certain period can cause the metal coil inside to get too hot, which then causes the disposable vape itself to become very hot.

Suppose you ever experience a similar issue to this. In that case, it is recommended to leave your disposable vape alone for a few minutes to cool down and then take how much you are vaping into consideration when you decide to continue vaping, as too much frequent use can cause the device to get hot and even in some cases can deteriorate the performance of the disposable vape itself.

Restricted Airflow.

Another common issue for your disposable vape getting hot or overheating will be caused by restricted airflow. This means that the airflow chamber inside the disposable device could be blocked by condensation or even dust, fluff or residue from wherever it has been stored. When this happens, the disposable vape will struggle to produce vapour properly.

However, the coil inside will still be heating up as usual, so although you may not be inhaling a desirable amount of vapour, you are still vapourising the same amount of liquid which can result in the disposable vape becoming hot. If you are unfortunate to experience an issue like this. In that case, it is recommended to try cleaning the inside of the mouthpiece to remove any residue or build-up blocking the airflow.


Storage can be crucial in keeping your disposable vape from getting too hot. If your disposable vape is stored in an environment that is too hot, this can cause the device to become very hot. Most disposable vape devices contain metal parts, so they can conduct heat and begin to get warm. The easiest and safest way to avoid this is to ensure that your disposable device is stored in a room-temperature environment or to try to keep it in some storage case where it can not overheat and become hot.

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