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Why Is My Vape So Loud?

Published 15 June 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

Why Is My Vape So Loud?

Why Is My Vape So Loud?

Your vape device may be loud due to the power being too low, or you have excess fluid in the atomiser.

Understanding what your vape sounds like in perfect working order is essential, as when there's an issue, you can distinguish the difference between right and wrong noises.

When your vape isn't working correctly, it can produce certain noises such as gurgling, spitting and humming. This can happen with both sub-ohm kits as well as nic salt pod kids such as the Caliburn device.

Crackling and popping sounds aren't always necessarily bad and can happen for many reasons, one being when your coil is brand new, which means it is doing what it is supposed to do in heating the e-liquid. If the crackling is too loud, however, it could be that your e-liquid is either too thin or your device is outputting too much power.

Your e-liquid is thinner the higher the PG concentration. Consider using a lower PG and a higher VG concentration to thicken the e-liquid. If the problem lies with the output power, consider using the variable wattage/voltage settings to lower it. If the noise is spitting or gurgling, this can mean the wattage is too low, and the fluid is gathering excessively in the head of your atomiser. You should be turning up your power slightly or switching to a lower resistance coil.

If the sound is neither of these but seems loud and prolonged, try lowering the duration of your hit. It is normal for your vape to make a sound resembling a 'woosh' noise; this is caused by air running across the coil, letting you inhale the vapour.

Be aware that certain higher-mod devices emit more sound compared to other devices. Knowing what sounds normal for your device is helpful.

Why Does My Vape Crackle?

If you hear a crackling sound coming from your device, don't assume it is bad; this noise often indicates that your coil is doing what it should be by heating the e-liquid to create vapour ready for you to inhale.

The crackling and popping will most likely be coming from your vape coil. In your vape, the part that heats the e-liquid into vapour is called the heating coil, and this part is located inside the atomiser. When e-liquid is vaporised, it is customary to hear a slight crackling sound.

If the crackle and pop sounds are getting too loud, the way to fix this is by lowering your power output or picking a coil with higher resistance. These will make the atomiser less powerful.

Vaping at a lower wattage will decrease the noise, but ensuring your coil can perform at a lower wattage is vital.

Mesh coils heat the e-liquid faster, making it a slightly more crackly experience. When using a new coil, it can also be somewhat cracklier but will settle after a few uses.

The ratio of PG/VG can cause a crackling noise when vaping. A higher concentration of PG will make your e-liquid thinner, meaning the noise you hear from your vape might be slightly more noticeable; choosing an e-liquid with higher VG will thicken up your liquid resulting in a quieter experience.

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