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Why Are Disposable Vapes So Smooth?

Published 6 May 2022, Updated 8 April 2024

Why Are Disposable Vapes So Smooth?

Why Are Disposable Vapes So Smooth?

Disposable vapes contain salt-based nicotine rather than freebase nicotine. Nicotine salts provide a smooth throat hit at high nicotine concentrations due to their different chemical properties.

Nicotine salt e-liquids provide a smooth throat, especially at high nicotine concentrations. You would receive a harsh throat hit at the same nicotine concentrations compared to freebase nicotine.

A huge part of why so many people nowadays opt for disposable vapes than rechargeable vapes is its convenience factor. Disposable vapes are so simple to use. They do not require any upkeep of any kind, any charging, or any commitment on your end. Plus, they are also less expensive upfront — so if you’re looking for a one-time vape experience, a disposable work precisely for that purpose.

Why Do Disposable Vapes Hit Better?

A disposable vape will hit better because it contains salt-based nicotine liquid. The liquid inside disposables is salt based, which means that the nicotine will enter your bloodstream much faster, giving you a more reliable nicotine hit.

One of the reasons why disposable vapes hit better is because they are less complex in delivering a vaping experience, which can help smokers quit their habit once and for all. One main factor why smokers fail to switch from tobacco to e-liquid is that they simply cannot get the satisfying experience they have gotten used to from cigarettes. Most cigarettes give consistent quality hits that do not hurt the throat.

Rechargeable vapes — previously the vape type that dominated the market — are not that simple to use as users have to slowly fine-tune to get their ideal vape setup, making the start of vaping a steep learning curve. On the other hand, disposable vapes are not customisable, making them a good choice for ex-smokers who simply want a nicotine-driven vaping experience.

Another reason why disposable vapes hit better is that they come with nic salts, which are far more efficient in delivering strong nicotine hits than your run-of-the-mill vape juices, which help ex-smokers stay on vapes and away from the forbidden tobacco sticks.

What Juice Do Disposable Vapes Use?

Disposable vapes contain salt based nicotine liquids. This liquid is much smoother on the throat at high nicotine levels than freebase nicotine e-liquids.

Disposable vapes are often lauded as an excellent steal for their price, and there is no secret why — with the amount of juice offered in each prefilled vape, any vaper would be tempted to make the permanent switch to disposable vapes. So what juice do disposable vapes use? The answer is that our beloved little vape sticks of convenience rose to prominence because of their use of nic-salt e-liquid. These nicotine salts have incredibly high strength, making these flavoured e-juices extremely capable of delivering satisfaction and impeccable flavour.

The process of making these juices is an inquisitive and ingenious chemical process. By mixing benzoic acid with regular nicotine, which can be extracted from tobacco or even from non-tobacco sources, we get nic salts, which possess a low pH level and bypass the blood-brain barrier very easily. These low pH levels also enable more nicotine to be added to the e-juices while ensuring that it is not too much for an average human to endure. These high nicotine strengths thus improve the otherwise weak e-cig to allow users a satisfying experience.

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