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Are Refillable Vapes Safer Than Disposable Vapes?

Published 29 March 2022, Updated 9 April 2024

Are Refillable Vapes Safer Than Disposable Vapes?

Vaping initially can be overwhelming due to the vast amount of products on the market. Whether you choose a disposable vape or a refillable e-cigarette, the most important thing is getting away from cigarette smoke and harmful poisonous byproducts, such as tar or carbon monoxide.

Disposable vape devices have taken the market by storm in the last two years and are seen to bridge the gap between smoking tobacco cigarettes and vaping rechargeable e-cigarettes. Some argue that refillable vape kits are safer than disposable e-cigs.

Health & Safety Answer

Before being sold legally in the UK, both disposable and refillable vape kits must pass health and safety checks under the Tobacco Products Directive.

As long as the disposable vapes you are using are appropriately registered with the MHRA UK authority and have been assigned an ECID number, disposable vapes are just as safe to use as refillable vapes.


All products sold on IndeJuice are fully compliant with UK law, including all disposable vapes and refillable vapes.

Having said that, as the disposable vape market is a quickly growing market, there are many counterfeit products available today that do not conform to UK legal requirements. Some of these devices have a capacity over the legal limit of 2ml and are being seized by Trading Standards. Examples of illegal disposable vaping devices include:

  • the Elux Legend disposable which contains 10ml of nicotine liquid,
  • the Geek Bar Pro which contains 4.5ml of nicotine liquid,
  • the Elf Bar 1500 which contains 4.8ml of nicotine liquid, and
  • the Reymont Bar which contains 5ml of nicotine liquid.

Are Disposable Vapes Better for Quitting Smoking?

Disposable vape pens are the perfect device for quitting smoking as they closely mimic smoking cessation and do not require any maintenance. With the extensive range of flavours available disposable vapes are a hugely popular way of quitting smoking.

If you would like to quit smoking by switching to vaping but feel that the process may be overwhelming, we recommend starting with disposable vape devices rather than rechargeable e-cigs.

The only advantage of using disposable e-cigarettes to quit smoking ordinary tobacco smoke is the lack of maintenance required. The disadvantage is that using disposable vapes to quit smoking over a long period of time will be expensive compared to refillable e-cigarettes.

When quitting smoking, we recommend starting with disposable vapes to get comfortable with your vape style, then switching over to a rechargeable e-cigarette to help save money in the long run.

What about the e-liquid in disposable vapes?

When you purchase an e-liquid from an online store or shop for your refillable vape device, you know where that e-liquid is coming from and which brand has manufactured it. However, you do not know which e-liquid the brand has used with most disposable vapes. As most disposable vapes are made in China, they rarely have UK made e-liquid inside.

Rechargeable devices such as pod systems give you the flexibility to understand what e-liquid you are using.

More information

For more information on disposable vapes, check out our recent articles on how many calories there are in disposable vapes and why disposable vapes seem to taste and hit better than other vapes.

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