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UWELL Caliburn AK2 Vape Review: Better Than KOKO?

Published 22 August 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

UWELL Caliburn AK2 Vape Review: Better Than KOKO?

UWELL Caliburn AK2 Vape Review: Better Than KOKO?

image of a pink Caliburn AK2 device

The Caliburn Ak2 is the third generation of KOKO pod devices. The KOKO may be missing from the name of this device, but it is very much a follow-on from the previous KOKO's; the Caliburn KOKO and Caliburn KOKO prime.

Build And Design

You find the most similarities with the original KOKO, as UWELL seems to have taken a U-turn in terms of design. The Caliburn Ak2 is rectangular with rounded sides and flat on both the front and back of the device.

The pod is located at the top right of the device with a cutout section on the top left, so you can attach a lanyard to carry around your device. The Caliburn Ak2 is almost identical in appearance and size to the original Caliburn KOKO.


image showing Caliburn AK2 device, pod cartridge and drip tip

The Caliburn Ak2 Specs:


  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Size: 43.5mm x 11.8mm x 67.9mm
  • E-liquid Capacity: 2ml
  • Net Weight: 35g
  • Output Wattage: 15w
  • Battery Capacity: 520mAh
  • Charge type - Type c charging port fast charging
  • Coil Specification: 0.9Ω mesh coil pre-installed in the pod

There are 8 colours available:

black Caliburn AK2 device with gold artwork detail

  1. Classic Black
  2. Graphite Gray
  3. Turquoise Blue
  4. Neon Orange

  5. Gloomy Green
  6. Sakura Pink
  7. Daylight Walker - CyberPunk limited edition
  8. Midnight Rider - CyberPunk limited edition

The AK2 Features

There are plenty of valuable features that the Caliburn Ak2 exhibit that makes the device a step above the previous KOKO pod kits.

The Top Features



The AK2 is an extremely slim line and light pod device which is easily transported and pocket friendly.

Design And Appearance

The design of the pod device is sturdy but stylish, with colours available to suit everyone's taste. The aluminium alloy casing creates a device that is easy to keep and hard to damage and provides a smooth metallic finish.

Caliburn has also collaborated with CyberPunk to create 2 new cool designs for the AK2.

image showing the e-liquid viewing window feature on the AK2 replacement pod

E-Liquid Viewing Window


This is a super handy feature located at the top on one side of the device, allowing you to see through to the pod and asses the E-liquid level left inside the pod without having to remove the pod to check as you do with other Caliburn pod kits. This will save you from letting your juice level fall too low and prematurely burning your coil.

Anti Leak Technology

Caliburn has really focused on making sure this device is anti-leak. The pod fill port is located at the top of the cartridge once the mouthpiece is removed; the pod is connected to the device using magnetics, keeping it in place, reducing the chances of leaking, and allowing it to be mess-free.

Auto Draw Mode

There is no fire button on the Caliburn ak2, meaning your only option is to use auto draw; this creates a straightforward, convenient vaping experience.

Ex-Smoker Friendly

This device is fantastic for people transitioning from cigarettes to beginner vapers. Because of its pre-installed coil, simple setting, comfortable mouthpiece, auto draw activated inhale and fixed power output; you'll find this vape offers the necessary satisfaction.

Battery Life

The internal battery of the AK2 is 520 mAh; you can expect this to easily last a full day, averaging around 2.5 ml per full charge. The fast charging ability delivered through a USB type c port allows you to reach about 90% charge in 35 minutes. This creates a super convenient vape.

An LED indicator tells the device's battery level via a colour-coded light.

Green LED: 60-100%

Blue LED: 30-60%

Red LED: 0-30%

Pod Review

The Caliburn AK2 uses the same pods as the Caliburn A2; the pods come pre-installed with a 0.9Ω coil. These coils can not be changed or removed from the pods.

close up image of the AK2 pod

The pod will need to be replaced once the coil begins to burn out; removing the pod and installing a new one is extremely easy; you just pull the pod out and slot it back in; magnets hold it in the device.

To fill your pod with e-liquid, you simply remove the mouthpiece, which also acts as a cap to the pod; the pod is top filling, so you squeeze the juice into the two holes at the very top of the pod on either side until you reach the line.

Make sure to then leave the pod to sit upright for around 10 minutes to the liquid soak the wick; this will only need to be done once with every new pod.

Once you experience any burnt taste, you will need to replace the pod; once you are used to this kit, you'll pick up on signs that your pods need replacing before any unpleasant tastes are experienced.

You can expect each coil to last around 20ml, which would be around 10 uses.

What's Inside The Box


Inside The Box Of The Caliburn AK2

  • The Pod system
  • Two pods
  • A user manual
  • 1 silicone lanyard

Please note that this pod kit does not come with a USB type c cable.

image showing the conents of the Caliburn AK2 box

Pros And Cons Of The UWELL Caliburn AK2 Pod Kit




  • Sleek and portable design.
  • Fast charge ability via USB type c port.
  • Anti-leak for a mess-free experience.
  • Perfect fixed settings for MTL vaping.
  • Great for those who have quit smoking.
  • Silicone lanyard for easy portability.
  • Straightforward pod change.
  • Effective auto draw sensor, 
  • Allowing you to inhale without a fire button.
  • Helpful liquid viewing window to you view the E-liquid level without removing the pod.
  • Looser draw.


close-up image showing the lanyard connection on the AK2 Caliburn



  • USB type c cable not included.
  • No screen display.
  • No temperature control, not suitable for sub-ohm.
  • Small battery capacity only gives you around a day's charge but may not last for a heavy vaper.
  • Unlike the Caliburn G series removable and replaceable coils, this is a fixed coil device, so it will not suit those looking for sub-ohm vaping.
  • No adjustable modes.


Overall rating of the UWELL Caliburn AK2 Pod Kit



You can expect to find this device available for around £17 and the pods for about £3 per pod.

Price rating - 9/10


This kit performs exceptionally well and is a significant improvement on the past KOKO kits. You can expect a simple mouth to lung full flavour vaping experience perfect for those who are vaping beginners.

This kit is unsuitable for sub-ohm vaping due to its fixed coil and fixed wattage.

Performance rating - 7/10

Battery life

This will be extremely adequate if you want a vape that will last you a good part of the day while you're at work. If you are looking for a vape that will be used frequently, you may find this vape needs to be charged throughout the day.

The plus side is the fast charge time allowing a full charge is around 45 minutes.

Battery life rating - 7/10

Design and build quality

The design of this vape is extremely good; it provides a device which is easy to travel with, light and portable with an excellent finish and look. The colour selection is vast and eye-catching and is finished with a smooth metallic feel giving it that extra bit of luxury.


These pods are some of the easiest that our personality has used; the simple design allows it to be as straightforward as it can be; from the easy access fill port to the already installed coil, you will find even the first-time users are capable of using one of these pods. You can also expect no leakage from these pods, which is a substantial main difference compared to the original Caliburn and KOKO pods.

Pod rating - 9.5/10

image showing orange and blue AK2 Caliburn devices

Final Thoughts

For anyone looking for that easy vaping experience, we highly recommend the Caliburn AK2 pod system kit. We find it excellent for anyone quitting smoking in favour of vaping as it provides you with precisely what you need without any adjustment; it's as simple as filling it with juice, and then you're ready to vape away.

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