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How Long Do Uwell Caliburn Coils Last?

Published 3 May 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

How Long Do Uwell Caliburn Coils Last?

How Long Do Uwell Caliburn Coils Last?

The Uwell Caliburn coils and the pods last between 10-14 days, depending on usage and the e-liquid you use.

The main reason for needing to change the Caliburn pod is the wearing out of the heating coil, and if you are planning to do so, make sure to always clean and fill up your pod tank.

How Long Should I Prime My Caliburn Coil?

10-15 minutes at least.

Priming the coil is when you let the newly-filled e-liquid sit within your pod for a certain period of time before activating the coil and puffing. This is usually to let the e-liquid thoroughly soak through the cotton layer of the pod. You should prime your coil for 10-15 minutes before vaping a new coil.

While how long you should prime your Caliburn coil is up to your personal preference, dedicated Caliburn pod users suggested that they got a lot more flavour after they let the e-liquid sit, so the longer the better.

Note that there really isn’t any drawback to priming, so if you have the time to do so and a second primed vape, you can leave the newly refilled Caliburn pod to prime for at least twenty to thirty minutes before puffing first.

This allows the pods to account for natural manufacturing discrepancies in flavour strength and allows you to get a strong first puff to blow your socks off.

How Often Should I Change My Coil In My Caliburn?

The Caliburn coils should last between 10-14 days.

The Caliburn uses a pod system. This means whether or not you intend to replace pods often due to one factor, you will eventually have to replace your Caliburn’s pod because the heating coil will eventually wear out.

You could apply a taste test when you get a burnt feeling from your vapour or when the flavour starts to turn considerably bad.

You should also consider changing your coil, and the entire pod when you notice an improvement in nicotine dependency. This is specifically for smokers using Caliburn as a tool to quit smoking or move to lower doses of nicotine.

Since the e-liquid comes with nicotine in varying degrees, changing pods is a visual and symbolic indicator of going further into your journey.

What Coils Does The Caliburn G Use?

The Caliburn G coils come in two options; 0.8 ohms and 1.0 ohm to be used with the Caliburn G pods.

The Caliburn G, which is made specifically to be used with the Uwell Caliburn G Kit, is made of either a 0.8-ohm Mesh Coil or a 1.0-ohm standard Coil, depending on which one you’d like. This is because the two coils are differently suited for both mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL, also known as sub-ohm) vaping modes.

How Long Does A Caliburn Coil Last?

Depending on use, Caliburn coils may last anywhere from one week to two weeks, depending on usage and the e-liquid you use.

This will happen more often if you’re living in an area with high humidity, and sometimes your pods that need replacing will start to have a “chalky” feeling in your mouth and appear cloudy and white.

How Long Does A Caliburn G Coil Last?

Depending on what e-liquid you use, how often you vape, how quickly in succession your puffs are and other factors, Caliburn G mesh coils can last upwards of 10 days up to 14 days.

However, if you’re a light user, you can probably extend the coil lifespan up to three weeks, meaning a replacement pack of four could help last you through a quarter of a year.

For more maintenance tips on vape coils check out our articles Ultimate Guide To UWELL Caliburn Cartridges and how do you prime a Caliburn pod

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