Ultimate Guide To UWELL Caliburn Cartridges

Published April 23rd 2021
Everything to need to know about UWELL Caliburn pod cartridges including how to fill, clean and common troubleshooting issues with Caliburn cartridges.

The UWELL Caliburn Vape Kit is the #1 best-selling vape kit on IndeJuice alongside the replacement Caliburn cartridges that our customers love. In this guide, we will be covering everything you need to know about the Caliburn cartridges from the basics to more advanced tips and tricks to get the most out of your Caliburn cartridge.

How to Fill Your Caliburn Cartridge

The Caliburn pod cartridge is a disposable vape cartridge that has an in-built vape coil. This means that the coil cannot be replaced or removed. As such, filling the Caliburn cartridge is a little bit different to pods with removable coils. 

Follow these four simple steps to fill or refill your Caliburn cartridge:

  1. Remove the cartridge from the Caliburn device;
  2. Grip the body of the Caliburn cartridge firmly underneath the black drip tip cap;
  3. Remove the black drip tip cap - this can be difficult with a new cartridge, so be sure to apply upward pressure from below the cap from one side and then from the other; and
  4. Fill the Caliburn cartridge from either the left or right hole to the indicated maximum line - do not fill the cartridge using the middle hole as this is the chimney and will cause substantial leakage.

Important note: If you are filling a brand new Caliburn cartridge, you must wait a minimum of 5 minutes after filling before using the Caliburn pod. This process is called 'priming' and is required to saturate the cotton inside the Caliburn cartridge to ensure that the pod does not burn when you take your first inhale.

How to Clean Your Caliburn Cartridge

As Caliburn cartridges are relatively inexpensive, we would always recommend purchasing a new pod when you are approaching the end of the cartridge's lifespan. 

However, as this is not always possible and you may find yourself in a pinch, we've come up with our favourite way to clean our Caliburn cartridges. 

Follow these four easy steps to clean your Caliburn cartridge:

  1. Refill the Caliburn pod to approximately half of the capacity with a PG heavy e-liquid (e-liquids up to 50VG are adequate);
  2. Put the cap back onto the cartridge body;
  3. Tilt the liquid from left to right and shake the cartridge for a few minutes - this will encourage the loosening of any small sediment that has collected in the cotton; 
  4. Take off the black cap and empty the e-liquid from the cartridge; and
  5. Keep the cartridge upside down on a paper towel for 5 minutes to ensure all e-liquid has drained from cartridge.

Once this process has been completed, you should be able to fill your Caliburn vape cartridge with your desired e-liquid and get some extra life out of the pod. If this process does not work, you have reached the end of the lifespan for your Caliburn cartridge and will need to purchase a new one. 

Troubleshooting Caliburn Cartridge

Can Caliburns use KOKO cartridges?

Yes! Both the Caliburn and KOKO cartridges are cross-compatible with each device. In fact, we actually recommend the 1.2 ohm KOKO cartridges over the original 1.4 ohm Caliburn cartridges for use with the Caliburn device. 

This is because the KOKO cartridges are faster at firing, can handle higher VG e-liquids and give a more flavoursome vapour for inhalation. 

How many times can you refill a Caliburn pod?

Each Caliburn pod can be refilled approximately 40 times before having to replace the cartridge. 

The above approximation is based on regular usage with a 50/50 e-liquid but can vary substantially depending on whether the pod has been primed correctly and the VG/PG ratio of the e-liquid used. With higher VG e-liquid (e.g. 70VG) you are likely to achieve half of the above approximation.

Can you use regular e juice in a Caliburn cartridge?

Yes - you can use any e-Juice in a Caliburn cartridge including regular e-Juice (most commonly 70VG/30VG).

However, we recommend using 50VG/50PG e-liquids in Caliburn cartridges as this will give you the optimal lifespan for your pod. 

Why is my Caliburn cartridge gurgling?

The three most common reasons for your Caliburn to be gurgling are:

  1. You have some e-liquid stuck in the airflow chimney;
  2. A leakage has accumulated below the cartridge; or 
  3. Your Caliburn device is low on charge.

Thankfully, all of these issues are easy to solve.

You can resolve the first issue of having some e-liquid stuck in the airflow chimney by flicking the Caliburn to remove the e-liquid blockage. Remember to cover the Cartridge with a paper towel before flicking to capture any e-liquid that comes out.

If you have a leakage below the Caliburn cartridge, simply remove the cartridge and clean it with a paper towel as well as cleaning the inside the Caliburn device where the cartridge connects to the device. 

If your Caliburn device is low on charge, it will result in the cartridge becoming less efficient in the vaporisation of your e-liquid. This is likely to cause blockages in the chimney and makes the cartridge more prone to leakage and the process of inhaling then pulls e-liquid into the airflow chimney rather than pure vapour.

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