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How Long Do Flexus Q Coils Last?

Published 23 January 2023, Updated 9 April 2024

How Long Do Flexus Q Coils Last?

How Long Do Flexus Q Coils Last?

on average, an Aspire AF coil for the Flexus Q vape device will last roughly 1 - 2 weeks before burning out and needing to be replaced.

Aspire Flexus Q's reusable pods and replaceable coils

The Aspire Flexus Q pod kit has clever reusable pod system technology that uses replaceable coils rather than replaceable vape pods. These vape coils are available in 1 ohm and 0.6 ohms. When using both of these coils, it is essential to consider what e-liquids you are using in the vape device, as this can shorten the longevity of the coil inside.

Ensuring you are using the correct e-liquids

If the e-liquid you are using is too thick, the coil will struggle to vapourize the juice, resulting in the coil burning out much faster. Suppose you are using an e-liquid that is too thin. In that case, the coil can become oversaturated, resulting in leaking and weakening the coil's performance, which can eventually lead to burning out quicker than usual. To avoid this issue, it is recommended that you use an e-liquid containing a 50/50 VG/PG ratio for both coils, as this is the ideal concentration ratio.

Mouth-to-lung vaping (MTL)

The style you decide to vape in can also play a massive part in the life span of these vape coils. If you prefer a mouth-to-lung (MTL vape) style of vaping, you should have no issues getting at least two weeks of life out of your coil, if not longer, as this style of vaping requires less power output on most occasions.

Direct-to-lung vaping (DTL)

Suppose you prefer the direct-to-lung (DTL vape) style of vaping. In that case, you may notice that your coils can burn out slightly quicker than MTL vaping as it requires more power output for this style of vaping as it is capable of producing a much larger vapour production which can then lead to coils being burnt out slightly faster than usual. Still, on the plus side, you will experience a remarkable flavour that is much more intense from your e-liquids.

Style of vaping

Another vital factor to consider when trying to get the most life out of your Flexus Q vape coils is how often or how frequently you vape. If you find yourself vaping the Flexus Q pod kit very often, then this will, of course, lead to the coil burning out quicker than it usually would. Still, if you use the Flexus Q in moderation and have a few puffs here and there, you should have no issues getting at least two weeks out of the coil, but this is only if you are also using the correct e-liquids. If not, you will inhale a very unpleasant burnt taste that can ruin the vaping experience.

For more information, check out our guide on Does the Aspire Flexus Q Leak.

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