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How Long Does Aspire Flexus Q Battery Last?

Published 23 January 2023, Updated 10 April 2024

How Long Does Aspire Flexus Q Battery Last?

How Long Does Aspire Flexus Q Battery Last?

If the battery on the Aspire Flexus Q pod kit is 100% fully charged and is being used frequently throughout the day, you can roughly expect the device to last two to three hours, but this would depend on how often the Flexus Q is being used.

Battery size and charging

The Aspire Flexus Q pod kit houses a relatively large 700mAh battery, a decent-sized battery for a device of this size. To get a full charge on the Flexus Q, you must charge the device using the USB type C cable that comes in the box, plugged into a USB charging port, and then you must wait until you notice that the LED light on the device is flashing green continuously up to 20 times, this green flashing LED is indicating that the device is fully charged and will automatically stop charging to avoid battery damage.

USB type C fast charging

Using the USB type C cable that comes in the box with the device, you can charge the Flexus Q battery up to at least 80% in roughly 10 minutes thanks to Aspire's clever fast charging technology, which is perfect for anyone who doesn't have much time to waste charging their vape.

LED charging indicator

The Aspire Flexus Q pod kit will also indicate when the device needs charging, and it indicates this by the LED light going from green (over 60%) to blue (over 30%) and then to red (under 30%) whilst you are pressing to button to fire the device. When the device does not have enough battery to fire, the device will indicate this by the red LED light multiple times and will not produce any vapour.

Charging your device correctly

To get the most out of the Flexus Q pod kit battery life, it is recommended that you charge the device using a USB port, such as a PC, laptop, games console or TV, rather than a mains plug, as this can cause battery damage over time unless you are using a plug designed for the use of charging vape devices.

Choosing a suitable coil

It is also recommended that you use a suitable coil for your vaping style; if you prefer a tighter inhale, then using the 1-ohm AF mesh coil will not need as much power to fire up the coil, resulting in a slightly longer battery life compared to the 0.6-ohm AF mesh coil which will need more power to fire and result in more vapour production and an intensified flavour from your e-liquids.

Power/Wattage settings

Another tip to help make the Flexus Q's battery life last longer would be to use a lower wattage or power setting. This may not be ideal for everyone, but if you are trying to get the longest-lasting performance out of the Flexus Q kit, then simply using a lower power setting can make a noticeable difference to the battery life of the Aspire Flexus Q pod kit.

For more information, check out the guides How Do You Use Aspire Flexus Q and What Wattage Is The Aspire Flexus Q.

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