What Wattage Is The Aspire Flexus Q?

Published January 23rd 2023
In this article, we discuss the Aspire Flexus Q wattage and power settings.

What Wattage Is The Aspire Flexus Q?

The recommended wattage settings for each coil are 12-15w for 1-ohm Aspire Flexus coils and 15-18w for 0.6-ohm AF coils.

LED power settings.

The Aspire Flexus Q pod kit has three different power/wattage settings indicated by the LED light's colour: Green, Red and Blue. The green LED indicates that the device is in high-power mode. The Blue LED light indicates that the device is in medium-power mode, and the red LED light indicates that the device is in low-power mode.

LED battery indicator.

As well as revealing the power mode you are using, the LED light on the front of the Flexus Q kit also tells you how much battery life the device has left, Green meaning more than 60%, Blue meaning more than 30% and lastly, Red meaning less than 30%.

Low power mode (Red).

To determine which power setting best suits you, you must know what you want to achieve from the Aspire Flexus Q pod kit. Using the Flexus Q kit on low power mode (Red) would be best for anyone who uses e-liquids with high nicotine strengths, as the higher power settings could be too overwhelming; this setting is also great for users that prefer to have their adjustable airflow much tighter as using a high power mode like this can result in the coils burning out much faster when using them with a tight airflow.

Medium power mode (Blue).

Using the Flexus Q kit on medium power mode (Blue) is the safest option as it works exceptionally well with all compatible e-liquids and coils and will still produce a significant amount of flavour and a relatively decent amount of vapour production.

High power mode (Green).

Using the Flexus Q kit on high power mode (Green) is best suited for users who want the most flavour possible out of the device and a more significant cloud production if you prefer to use e-liquids with high percentages of nicotine, such as 18mg, for example. This high-power setting may be too much and could potentially make the vape you are used to overwhelming.

Helpful tips.

You must avoid using the highest power mode on the Aspire Flexus Q kit (Green) when using the 1-ohm AF mesh coil, as this can result in your coil burning out quicker than usual. It's a similar situation for the 0.6-ohm coil, the lowest power mode (Red) would still work whilst using the 0.6-ohm coil, but it would not perform as well as it could and should, which may lead to an unsatisfying vaping experience. Still, it is recommended to try out all the settings and find what's best for your chosen vaping style.

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