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How Long Does Caliburn A2 Pod Last?

Published 3 May 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

How Long Does Caliburn A2 Pod Last?

How Long Does Caliburn A2 Coil Last?

The Caliburn A2 coil lasts about one to two weeks, three if you’re an extremely light user and/or clean your coils often. The Caliburn A2 coil, just like the other Caliburn coils, is also influenced by what kinds of liquids you put into the pods.

The Caliburn A2 uses a pod system which contains different heating coils. We generally advise changing these Caliburn A2 pod coils the minute they start producing a drop off in flavour or start tasting quite burnt or sour.

How Long Does Caliburn A2 Pod Last?

The Caliburn A2 pod will last as long as the coil in it lasts, as when you run out of e-liquid, it is easy to top up the tank inside the pod. The A2 pod will last about one to two weeks or three with careful maintenance and use. Some ways to help it last longer are to top up e-liquid before it reaches or sinks below the Minimum point, ensure your charger is fully charged, and not use it while charging.

Although the last part is entirely feasible and you won’t burn down your house doing that, there are much safer ways you could be using your Caliburn A2 that will guarantee a longer lifespan of your A2’s coil.

How Much Is A Caliburn A2 Pod?

With the exclusion of the shipping fee, a pack of four replacement pods for the Uwell Caliburn A2 will set you back around £15-£20. The A2 pods contain a 0.9ohm UN2 mesh for large vapour output and optimum performance.

Like the pods for the original Caliburn kit, these pods are easy to replace, and the 2ml pod capacity should be enough to last a whole day without having to top up. However, be careful when replacing the A2 pod before it is completely depleted in juice and in coil lifespan, as the coils are expensive to manufacture. Thus, if you’re not as efficient as you can, you will eventually add up.

Can You Use Salt Nic With Caliburn A2?

Yes! You can use salt nic with your Caliburn A2. The Caliburn A2 is frequently ranked in the top few, if not the top, replaceable pod vape kits on an excellent nic salt device. The Caliburn A2 is a perfect way to get your nicotine fix, especially when it comes in such a small form factor. In general, people are very accepting of vape culture as long as they don’t produce a large amount of vapour or sound.

The Caliburn A2 often ranks right at the top as an affordable and discreet vape, only trailed behind by the Uwell’s own Caliburn AK2.

Is the Caliburn A2 Good For Nic Salts?

Yes! In fact, due to its mouth draw function and the fire-button firing option, the Caliburn A2 is perfect. For smokers looking to wean off cigarettes, it’s a cheap, well-made nicotine machine. For experienced vapers, you’re looking at a sleek portable device that can give puff satisfaction on the go with little to no additional weight to your bag.

As a matter of fact, Caliburn A2 is held in high regard. The Caliburn A2 is a premier option for replaceable vape kits that perfectly pair with nic salts.

What Juice Does The Caliburn A2 Use?

The Caliburn A2 uses a variety of nic salts and regular nicotine e-juices. The flavours available to the Caliburn A2 tend to either be even on their PG/VG ratio or be more favoured toward PG with 60% or 50% PG. This usually means more subtle, subdued flavours that pair nicely with its replaceable 0.9ohm pods.

Is Caliburn A2 A DTL?

The Caliburn A2 is an open MTL and very restricted DTL draw.

If you’re not into the small form factor, restricted DTL vapes, then chances are, if you’re a vape enthusiast who’s always down to sub-ohm some clouds, you’re not going to find that the A2 is a good fit at all. The air hole in the Caliburn A2 is very tiny and not adjustable. The pods are only capable of outputting 15W with a high 0.9Ohm coil.

Is Caliburn A2 refillable?

Yes, the Caliburn is refillable. The Uwell Caliburn A2 is refillable through the top by unscrewing the mouthpiece, which means that compared to other pod-based vape systems, the Caliburn A2 is more user-friendly.

E-liquid is expensive, so when you are going to refill your Caliburn A2, use a syringe to make sure none of it leaks out.

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