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How Do You Prime A Caliburn Pod?

Published 3 May 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

How Do You Prime A Caliburn Pod?

How Do You Prime A Caliburn Pod?

Simply leave it to stand after filling the pod with e-liquid for 10-15 minutes to prime your device. This will saturate the wick with the e-liquid and prevent it from burning.

Priming your Caliburn pod is essential for a good vaping experience. This prevents you from taking a dry puff, which occurs when the wicking material in your coil burns, producing an unpleasant taste and smell.

Can You Clean A Caliburn Pod?

If you are experiencing issues with your device when taking a draw, it is most probably time to clean your pod. More specifically, the connection between your pod and the device. Cleaning isn’t a big deal as Caliburn Pods are cleanable.

When you remove your pod from the device, you will be met with a surface with connectors and a draw activation sensor.

A flooded connection will block the draw sensor, preventing vapour from being produced when taking a puff. Remedying this issue simply requires you to use a clean cotton swab to remove any excess e-liquid from the sensor. Be sure to clean the bottom of the pod to prevent any blockage.

How Long Should You Prime A Caliburn Pod For?

10-15 minutes is the optimal time to prime a Caliburn pod.

Priming is an important process that you should definitely carry out with every new device, even when you refill your Caliburn device. Priming essentially entails allowing the e-liquid to saturate the wicking material found in the atomiser of a pod.

This ensures that your wick doesn’t end up burning when you take a puff, which creates an unpleasant flavour. Priming a coil is as easy as leaving your newly filled device to stand a few minutes before vaping. Priming usually takes around 10-15 mins, depending on the quality of your coil as well as the e-liquid you are using.

What Is The Difference Between Caliburn Pods?

The Caliburn Pod comes in two different variations, the Caliburn Original and the Caliburn Koko. The main difference between the two pods is that the Original comes with a 1.4-ohm pod while the Koko comes with a 1.2-ohm pod.

However, many may not know that both pods use the same exact battery with a max wattage of 11. This means that the pods are actually interchangeable.

The Koko is also the smaller of the two, with a compact square shape design. The original comes in a standard pen-styled design.

What Pods Work With Caliburn?

1.2ohm KOKO pods and 1.4 ohm Caliburn pods.

Caliburn pods come with a proprietary connection system, meaning that their devices are compatible only with pods by the same manufacturer, Uwell.

Uwell produces two different types of pods for their Caliburn lineup, the 1.2-ohm KOKO pod and the 1.4-ohm pod. The 1.4-ohm pod is typically utilised with the Caliburn Original, whilst the latter is used with the Caliburn Koko. However, both variations of the Caliburn device can be utilised with either of the pods, given their same battery wattage.

How Long Do Caliburn Pods Last?

Caliburn pods can last anywhere from one to two weeks, depending on your vaping habits. You will know that your pod needs refilling when you start to experience a burnt taste when you take a puff.

The Caliburn pods also have an indicator to tell you when your pod needs refilling. The front of the pod should be a line marking that indicates when your e-liquid is running out.

Your pods may also last shorter if you missed out on priming your device well, which may cause the wick in the coil to prematurely burn. When this occurs, your pod will have to be replaced as well. Oversaturation of the wick is also a potential problem, which will cause difficulty when drawing, and the pod will have to be replaced.

Are Caliburn Pods Refillable?

Yes, Caliburn pods are refillable.

You don’t necessarily have to buy a new Caliburn pod when you run out of juice unless yours is faulty. Caliburn pods are easily refillable. All you require is the e-liquid of your choice. If your e-liquid doesn’t come with a dropper, you need a small squeeze bottle with a slim tip.

Take the pod out of the device and simply fill it up through either of the holes at the bottom of the pod, except the centre hole — that is where the coil is.

How Do You Put Vape Juice In A Caliburn?

Caliburn pods are easily refillable, and these are the steps and tools you require to fill them up. First and foremost is the e-liquid of your choice. If yours doesn’t come with a dropper, you will require a squeeze bottle with a thin tip. A rag will also come in handy for cleaning any spillage and leaks.

Remove the battery and the mouthpiece from your device, followed by the pod. At the top of the pod are three holes. The centre hole is where the coil is, so avoid getting any e-liquid inside. The holes you can use are the two on the sides. Using the squeeze bottle or dropper, carefully drip the e-liquid into the pod until there is only a small air bubble in the pod.

Once filled, clean up the edges and top of the pod to prevent any issues before putting the mouthpiece back on the top of your pod. Attach everything back to where it belongs and prime the device for a minimum of five minutes, and you’re good to go.

Is Caliburn Refillable?

Caliburn pods are refillable with any e-liquid of your choice. You require a dropper or a squeeze bottle to fill up the pods through the small holes at the top of the pod itself.

You will have to refill your pods when you notice a burning sensation whenever you take a puff. There is even a line indicator to indicate when your pod is running low on juice.

However, if your pod is faulty, refilling won’t do any good, and you will be required to replace your pod with a new Caliburn pod.

For more Caliburn pod tips, check out our articles on how long do Uwell Caliburn coils last and how do you clean Caliburn pods?

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