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How Do You Clean Caliburn Pods?

Published 4 May 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

How Do You Clean Caliburn Pods?

How Do You Clean Caliburn Pods?

You should clean your pods to ensure no residual liquid or dirt is blocking the airways. It is relatively simple to do, simply take a soft tissue, paper towel, or a cotton bud and wipe the base of the pod. This would remove the excess e-liquids that build up over time.

Please be careful when cleaning Caliburn replacement pods as the sensors are quite sensitive. Once you have wiped them down, they should be good to go!

Does the Caliburn leak?

Generally, the Caliburn is designed to prevent any leakage. However, several external factors may result in one if you’re not aware of them. Thus, to avoid any potential leaks, note the following points.

Firstly, drawing too hard is a potential cause. The Caliburn is built to offer slow and long drags. Inhaling too hard can cause the e-liquid to flow through the wrong pipe and end up in the mouthpiece. You wouldn’t want to taste that harmful e-liquid in your mouth.

Next, high temperatures will cause the e-liquid molecules to expand and take up more space. If your device is filled to its max capacity, the e-liquid will likely occupy the space that is available in the mouthpiece, resulting in a leak. Remember to not leave your Caliburn in a warm car, under direct sunlight, or anywhere that is hot and humid. Room temperature conditions are ideal.

Lastly, the ideal Propylene Glycol (PG) ratio for your e-liquid should be 50/50. Anything too high will cause the e-liquid to leak from the bottom of the pod. Meanwhile, the Vegetable Glycerin (GC) ratio should be slightly higher than the PG ratio. A ratio between 50% and 70% is ideal.

How Do You Get The Juice Out Of A Caliburn Pod?

If you need to get rid of e-liquid from your pod rather than vaping it, the only way is to take the lid of the pod and pour the e-liquid out. However, this can be messy, and thicker e-liquid may be difficult.

There may be instances where you notice that the device is not producing any vapour. Before jumping to any conclusion, ensure that your Caliburn is cleaned. After several usages, your Caliburn could be flooded with juice in the wrong places, which blocks the airflow and prevents the production of vapour. You’ll have to remove the excess juice. Here are a few tips.

Remove the pod and flip it upside down. You might notice that the surface is moist. Get a cotton swab and lightly graze it across the surface until it is entirely dry. This will generally suffice. However, if your Caliburn is still not producing any vapour, there may be excess juice in the body of the Caliburn. Once again, remove the pod and cover the bottom of the pod with a piece of paper towel. Place your mouth over the paper towel and gently blow out some air. The force from the air will push the juice out from the body of the Caliburn and allow for the ventilation of airflow. It’s as simple as that! Your device should be working in no time. However, while performing this method, ensure the pod is not attached, as the auto-draw sensor may be activated.

To reduce the likelihood of your Caliburn flooding, opt for Nicotine Salts with higher PG content and lower VG content. This means that the juice will be less viscous and dense. Anything too thick will likely reduce your Caliburn's lifespan.

How do you clean a Caliburn?

To clean your Caliburn, you can remove the pod and gently wipe the bottom with a paper towel. The paper towel acts as an absorbent and removes the excess liquid lying on the surface.

Ensure that the gold-plated connectors, magnet, and draw activation sensor are entirely dry to optimise your vaping experience.

The Caliburn is built to be durable and long-lasting. However, to optimise your device, you should clean your Caliburn now and then to prevent flooding. The term “flooding” refers to when the e-liquid in your device overflows to the wrong parts of the Caliburn. This causes the airways to be blocked and does not allow your device to produce any vapour.

For more insights, check out our blog answering the question how do you prime a Caliburn pod?

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