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How To Clean Your Vaping Device

Published 3 January 2021, Updated 9 April 2024

How To Clean Your Vaping Device

When you order vape juice online, the last thing you want is a clogged-up device. This article will help you ensure that your device is ready to go.

A brand-new vaping device is clean, shiny, and appealing, but it will not stay that way without some maintenance. With routine use, vapes get dirty and less satisfying to use. It might be tempting to replace devices at this stage, but that can get expensive. Cleaning them is often a better option and one that is relatively simple. Using step-by-step cleaning instructions, anyone can give vapes new life.

Benefits of a Clean Vape

Vapes work best when they are clean. E-cigarette juice does not typically stain components, but residue will collect with routine use and can impact performance. Some owners clean brand-new devices if they have residue machine oil from the manufacturing process - although this is very rare nowadays.

Cleaning also clears out traces of juice flavours, so they don't impact the flavour of replacement e-liquids. While some juices play well together, mixing some tastes can be unpleasant. For example, combining coffee and melon could lead to an unappealing result.

When Does a Vape Need Cleaning?

Many users rinse their vapes whenever they change juices, so they always enjoy a fresh start. It's also a good idea for all users to inspect their devices weekly and wash the non-electrical components every few weeks to ensure the best vaping experience.

Clean a vape any time it isn't providing the best experience. Taking the components apart and washing them often boosts performance. Do not wash any components that contain a circuit board or battery.

Always wear gloves to protect your skin against any residue nicotine prior to commencing cleaning. 

Get to Know a Vape's Components

To clean a device, users must understand its components because each one is maintained differently. The typical pen vaporiser has three essential sections, which are:

The Coil

The coil is the heating element that converts e-juice into vapour. Coils are made of thin wire wrapped into a coil shape.

The Tank

A vape tank holds e-juice and is part of a single unit that includes an atomizer. The atomizer vaporizes e-liquid.

The Battery

Vapes are powered by batteries that sometimes have temperature and voltage controls. The battery heats the coil, causing vapour to form. 

Cleaning the Vape's Coils

Vapes either have replaceable or rebuildable coils. A different cleaning method is required for each.

Steps for Cleaning Replaceable Coils

Due to the inexpensive nature of replacement coils and the health and safety issues that may arise by cleaning incorrectly, we do not recommend cleaning coils that have not been designed to be disassembled from their protective shell. Instead, pick up a pack of new vape coils

Steps for Cleaning Rebuildable Coils

The coils on rebuildable atomizers are designed to be cleaned since It is easy for them to collect gunk that impacts flavour and performance. The good news is that cleaning can revive them.

Before beginning the cleaning process, remove the wick from the coil so it doesn't burn. It may be possible to use a light, dry burn to restore coils that are still reasonably clean. Do that by pulsing the fire button until any remaining liquid is removed, and then re-wick. Do not touch the coils before or after dry burns - this may cause serious injury as the coils can be in excess of 200 degrees. 

If dry burning doesn't work, deep clean using the following method:

  1. Remove the wick from the coil and then dry burn it very lightly and with great caution. Do not touch the coil under any circumstances during or after this stage. 
  2. Remove the atomizer from the mod and then place components under running water.
  3. Use a coil cleaning tool or toothbrush to scrub parts lightly.
  4. Rinse the components thoroughly.
  5. Dry burn once again to evaporate any remaining water.
  6. Leave for a minimum of 20 minutes to ensure that the coil has cooled down.

When to Replace Coils

Even with excellent maintenance, coils will not perform well forever. It's time to replace them when vaping leaves a burnt taste, vapes are leaking, or cleaning does not improve performance. Dark, damaged, or crusted coils should also be replaced.

Cleaning the Vape Tank

There are four common ways to clean a vape tank. They are the standard rinse, PG rinse, cleaning agent rinse, and ultrasonic cleaner. Before beginning the project, remove the coil and disassemble the rest of the tank. Pay close attention to how pieces fit and where each goes. Placing items in a small container helps keep them organised. The most effective cleaning methods include;

Simple (Standard) Rinse

A warm water rinse can be used for a relatively clean tank. Place all the disassembled parts under running water, dry them using a paper towel, and then air dry until there is no condensation.

Use a similar method for very dirty tanks, but begin by filling a container with water and then microwaving it for around two minutes. After parts have been rinsed in running water, place them in the microwaved water.

Let parts sit in the cooling water, rinse them under the sink again, and gently dry them with a paper towel. Air dry all components. A hairdryer also works, but be careful of the heat because it can cause damage.

PG Rinse

Propylene glycol (PG) can be used for cleaning instead of water. Fill a container with PG, place components in it, and let it sit for one or two hours. After soaking, stand the tank on a napkin to let it dry. One of the benefits of PG is that it removes leftover flavour.

Cleaning Agent Rinse

There are several cleaning agents commonly found in homes that can be used to deep clean tanks. We do not recommend using any chemical cleaning agents other than soap that must be rinsed thoroughly before leaving the water residue to dry prior to use completely. 

An ultrasonic cleaner provides the best possible cleaning results. Traditionally used to clean jewellery safely, vapers have begun using the machines to keep atomizers fresh. There is no need to invest in a device designed for vaping, but choose one that can run for cycles of more than ten minutes.


It's simple to use an ultrasonic machine. Fill it with water, turn it on, and let it clean the components. Some people add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to boost cleaning power. It is essential to rinse the tank carefully after washing and then let it dry.

When vaping devices develop residue buildup that impacts performance, it is possible to clean them. There are various methods owners can use to clean tanks, coils, and batteries, but it is essential to follow instructions carefully. Cleaning a vape can often extend its life and result in a better user experience.

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