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How To Clean Your Vape Tank And Other Components

Published 21 October 2020, Updated 9 April 2024

How To Clean Your Vape Tank And Other Components

As durable as they are, vapes don’t last forever. Even with the best e-liquids in the UK area, vape parts will inevitably wear out and require replacement, and some users simply want to upgrade. Though quality vape parts last a long time, the coils will wear out most often. 

A set of vape coils may last a few days or a couple of weeks, depending on their care, usage, and type. Keeping the tank clean will prolong the life of these parts and save you a trip or two to the vape shop each year. Here, we’ll show you how to improve your vape’s performance by keeping it clean.

Why Should I Clean My Vape?

Cleaning a vaporiser is an essential step in lengthening its life. When a vape is clogged and dirty, your e-liquids will not reach their full flavour potential. With proper cleaning practices, you can nearly double the life of your vape components while enjoying the best flavour from every pull. This will help you save money and time in the long term.

Cleaning the Vape Tank

For several reasons, keeping your vape tank clean is a good idea. It prevents discolouration and residue buildup, and it minimises undesirable flavours. If you change flavours frequently, you won’t want to mix the new e-liquid with the old. Luckily, cleaning a vape tank is easy.

There are a few tank cleaning solutions, but the most substantial differences are the tank’s condition and your preferences. The cleaning process is essentially the same, regardless of your chosen solution.

Start by disassembling the tank and removing the coil. Discard it if it’s burned out; put it aside for cleaning if it’s still usable. Drain the parts of any residual e-liquid and put them in a medium-sized container. This keeps the parts together and provides a washing station if the tank is dirty.

However, if your tank is clean, run the pieces under hot water to rinse the residue. Using a sink strainer to keep small pieces from going down the drain is a good idea. Dry the pieces with a paper towel and set them aside to finish air drying.

Consider soaking the parts in hot water if the vape tank is filthy. Warm the water up in a teakettle or the microwave and allow the parts to soak until the water has cooled. Repeat the rinsing, wiping, and air-drying process mentioned above.

The Most Popular Cleaning Agents

When vape tanks get dirty, cleaning them may take more than a hot water soak. Soaking the tank’s parts in a cleansing agent will break down residue faster and more effectively than hot water alone. Use these everyday household items to make your tank cleaning solution.

  • Dish soap. Sometimes, a squirt of dish detergent is all needed to clean a dirty vape tank. The soap will increase the water’s solvent properties. Volunteers use dish soap to clean up after oil spills because it works!
  • Baking soda. Also known as sodium bicarbonate, baking soda has long been a famous household cleaning agent. Not only does it effectively cut oil and grease, but it’s also a natural deodoriser. Soaking ydeodoriserank (but not the coils) in a blend of one cup of hot water and one spoonful of baking soda will leave them odourless, clean, and ready to use.

Cleaning the Vape Coil

Now that the vape tank has been cleaned thoroughly, it’s time to focus on the coil. These coils are relatively inexpensive, but the cost of frequent replacement will add up quickly. With a deep cleaning, it’s possible to extend the lifespan of a rebuildable coil. Here’s how to do it - please note that this only applies to exposed coils in an RBA setting. We do not recommend cleaning regular coils that cannot be disassembled as these should be replaced:

  • Please remove any remaining e-liquid from the coil by blowing it out and wiping it with a clean paper towel. Remove the wick/cotton.
  • Now that you’ve exposed the coil and removed the wick soak the entire assembly in soap or potable solvent. Don’t use isopropyl alcohol. Sit back, relax, and allow the coil to soak for several hours.
  • Once the coil has been soaked, rinse it in the sink. Be sure to use a strainer to catch any falling parts. During the rinsing process, use a soft-bristled brush to remove any residue.
  • Many users like to follow up by rinsing the coils in distilled water. This ensures that none of the tap water’s minerals are left behind.
  • Now that the coil is clean, allow it to dry. It may take a while to dry out entirely because the wick retains moisture. However, as long as the wick was removed beforehand, the drying process won’t take as long. Consider putting the parts on a windowsill in direct sunlight to decrease drying time.

Now that all the parts are clean and dry, it’s time to assemble everything. While cleaning the tank and coils won’t make them last forever, it will improve their performance and extend their life. Once you’ve seen the difference clean parts make, these processes will become a regular part of your vaping routine.


Vaping can be pretty enjoyable, but a dirty vape tank or coil can diminish that enjoyment. Not only will a dirty tank leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth, but it will also decrease your device’s lifespan. Following the cleaning tips in this guide can extend a vape’s life and protect your investment.

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