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Does Vaping Dry Out Your Throat?

Published 17 May 2022, Updated 9 April 2024

Does Vaping Dry Out Your Throat?

Does Vaping Dry Out Your Throat?

Yes, Vaping can dry out your throat and cause some slight irritation. This is likely due to the Propylene Glycol (PG) found in vape juice, to which some vapers are sensitive.

When people have made the switch from cigarette/tobacco smoking to e-cigarettes/vaping, they have occasionally experienced an irritating, dry, itchy sensation on their throat, and this is mainly due to the ecig liquid that is being vaped having a high Propylene Glycol ratio, high being anything more than 50%. Propylene Glycol can dry out delicate parts of the skin in your throat, causing some users to experience a dry, itching sensation.

It is recommended to drink water as vaping, in general, can cause the mouth and throat to dry out. As some people are more sensitive to higher Propylene Glycol concentration levels, it is highly recommended to stay hydrated regularly.

Propylene Glycol levels found in vape juices are entirely safe for human consumption, but they can cause some parts of the skin in the throat to become dry. When the delicate skin on your throat becomes dry, some users will experience an irritating, itching sensation that may cause them to cough.

One way to help try and avoid this dry sensation on your throat is to use an e-liquid that has a higher Vegetable Glycerin (VG) ratio than Propylene Glycol (PG). Vegetable Glycerin does not give you that dry throat sensation when vaping as Propylene Glycol does. The negative to switching to an e-liquid with a higher Vegetable Glycerin ratio is that these e-liquids are much thicker than juice with a higher Propylene Glycol ratio depending on what device you are using; this may not be compatible.

Why Does My Vape Burn My Throat?

Feeling a burning sensation whilst vaping can be caused due to several things; High Propylene Glycol concentration, Dry hits, Volatile organic compounds and even nicotine withdrawal.

When vaping, you may occasionally experience a burning or burnt sensation in your throat, but there are ways of avoiding this.

VG/PG Ratio

When using an e-liquid with a high Propylene Glycol concentration, you may experience an irritating, itchy sensation in your throat. This is due to the Propylene Glycol drying out delicate parts of the skin in the throat, which can cause users to feel a slight burning sensation and sometimes even cough. This can be avoided by using an e-liquid with a higher Vegetable Glycerin concentration.

Dry Hits

Experiencing a dry hit when vaping is usually caused by the coil inside the tank or the disposable not being saturated in enough juice. When a vape tank or a disposable vape is low or empty, the cotton inside the coil will not be saturated enough causing the cotton to burn and leaving the user with a very unpleasant taste and hot, burning sensation on their throat. This can be avoided by regularly checking your tank is topped up with liquid, and to try and avoid this happening in a disposable vape, you can try twisting the device to try and soak up any excess juice into the coil. Still, if this does not work, it will need to be disposed of.

Volatile Organic Compounds

In some e-liquids, there can be Volatile organic compounds found in them. These substances have been found to cause throat irritation. It is recommended to use properly tested liquids as some substances are banned from e-cigarette/vaping products in the UK.

Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

If you have recently switched from cigarettes to vaping and are using an e-liquid that is not strong enough in nicotine that you are used to, you may experience nicotine withdrawal. Among a list of other symptoms, a sore throat is common for someone experiencing these withdrawal symptoms. The best way to resolve this would be to use an e-liquid with a higher nicotine concentration and, over time, slowly cut down the nicotine strength.

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