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Can Geek Bars Burn Out?

Published 6 May 2022, Updated 25 June 2024

Can Geek Bars Burn Out?

Can Geek Bars Burn Out?

Yes, they can! When you take a puff from a burnt-out Geek Bar, you will experience what is known as a ‘dry hit’. A dry hit leaves a horrible burning sensation in your throat and is the only way you’ll know when your Geek Bar is burnt out.

A dry hit occurs when you take a puff from your Geek Bar, but there is little to no e-liquid on the wicking material. Instead of your flavourful vape juice, you will get a taste of some nasty burnt cotton. With traditional refillable vape devices, you will need to open the tank and refill the e-liquid. However, it is almost always because the e-liquid has run out for disposable vapes such as the Geek Bar. This means it is time to discard your disposable vape and switch it out for a new one.

Why Is My Geek Bar Hot?

The Geek Bars are made to get hot as they heat the coil inside, but if this is used too much, you may notice that the Geek Bar can become surprisingly hot.

The first thing you have to remember is that your Geek Bar was made to get hot. The battery provides energy to the coil, which converts some of it into heat and pushes a burst of vapour to the mouthpiece, where you take a puff.

However, those new to vaping might get a bit worried when their Geek Bar is hot to the touch. After all, there were several cases of exploding vapes when they started to gain popularity. Fret not! As the Geek Bar is a regulated vape device, there is no need to fear. Getting your Geek Bar hot simply means that you might be using it too much. However, if you notice that the battery is getting hot and not the casing, it might be an actual complication that needs to be checked out. There is always a tiny chance of it breaking down, as with all batteries. If you are worried, toss it out and get a new one.

Why Does My Geek Bar Taste Weird?

The Geek Bar may taste weird because the device no longer has e-liquid; sometimes, the Geek Bar loses its flavour. As the Geek Bar is manufactured in hundreds of thousands at a time, you may, unfortunately, have a bad batch.

There are three possible reasons for your Geek Bar not tasting like it is supposed to. Firstly, you may have a bad batch; Geek Bars are manufactured in their thousands at a time, so you may get the off couple, which is not up to standard.

Secondly, it might be because you are taking continuous puffs from your Geek Bar without giving it enough time to cool down, also known as chain vaping. Doing so will dry out the wick and reduce the lifespan of your Geek Bar, so make sure to take it easy with the puffs.

Thirdly, it might be because your Geek Bar has run out of e-liquid. Each puff after this will be an uncomfortable dry hit, so make sure to dispose of your Geek Bar and start on a new one.

Why Does My Geek Bar Taste Like Smoke?

When your Geek Bar runs out of e-liquid, it will start to taste burnt like smoke; this is called a dry hit.

If your Geek Bar tastes like smoke, the e-liquid has likely run out. When the cotton wick dries out, there is no more vape juice to turn into vapour. This is known as a dry hit and means that you have to discard your current Geek Bar and replace it with a new one.

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