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Do Vape Batteries Wear Out?

Published 26 April 2022, Updated 9 April 2024

Do Vape Batteries Wear Out?

Do Vape Batteries Wear Out?

Yes, vape batteries do wear out. Over a significant amount of time, you will notice that the performance of a battery will slowly deteriorate and will not perform as it once did before.

There are multiple reasons for this happening; with internal batteries, these batteries can last up to over a year if they are taken care of very well. Eventually, the battery will start to deteriorate and lose power. With external vape batteries, the average lifespan of these batteries can be anywhere between 4-6 months. Still, they can maintain their performance if they are well looked after and charged appropriately using a charger explicitly made for vape batteries.

How Do I Know If My Vape Battery Is Bad?

The main signs of a bad battery or a slowly deteriorating battery are; If you are vaping the device at the same wattage as always, but you notice that the battery starts to die faster than usual. Another sign to look out for is if you see that the battery is getting a lot hotter than it usually would, and also if you raise your wattage level on the device and you are met with the 'Low Battery' light, then these are all signs of a bad battery.

Vape batteries can also weaken and deteriorate if they are not charged correctly. Using an official battery charger will give your batteries a much better life span than if you were charging them using a regular charging plug, which can overcharge them and cause them to lose capacity and power.

A sign to look out for with external batteries is to make sure that the vinyl wrap that all external batteries have around them isn't ripped or torn. This can cause the batteries not to charge properly and can also be dangerous if the exposed battery touches any other metal. If you notice any batteries have rips or tears in the outside vinyl, we recommend replacing them or replacing the vinyl wrap.

Why Is My Vape Battery Dying So Fast?

There are multiple reasons why you may notice that your vape battery is dying so fast. Some of those reasons being; Overcharging, Over discharging, Incorrect storage, and even the wattage being set too high can all be reasons why your vape battery is dying so quickly.

If you charge your external batteries in the device using a regular wall charging plug and the charging cable provided, this could be why your battery life has decreased. We recommend using an official battery charger made for vape batteries.

If you are using external batteries, they could be dying so fast because they are old batteries and have lost some capacity over some time.

Lithium-ion batteries tend to lose their shelf life if they have been sitting in a warehouse or a store for a while.

It's recommended to replace external batteries every six months, or it could be that these batteries have been overcharged, which would result in the batteries losing capacity and lacking the power they once provided.

Want more tips and tricks on battery maintenance? Check out our articles on should I drain my vape battery or how can I make my vape battery last longer for more information.

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