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What Is Dry Hit Vape?

Published 15 June 2022, Updated 9 April 2024

What Is Dry Hit Vape?

What Is Dry Hit Vape?

A dry hit results from insufficient vape juice in your tank or saturated into your cotton-wicking material.

You may have heard this terminology a lot. Dry hitting is a sensation you might experience during your first few months of vaping. It’s something you can avoid, but it requires you to know what to look out for and do your research before entering the world of vaping.

When experiencing a burning sensation, this could be due to a dry hit. An empty tank can cause this, the e-liquid you're using or chain vaping. In most cases, this can be caused by the wick in your coil not being fully saturated with e-liquid. This can cause discomfort to your throat and damage your vape’s heating coil. The same applies to smaller pod devices such as the Caliburn vape kit.

How to stop dry hits?

  • Ensure your tank always has e-liquid in; if it falls below the minimum line, you’ll risk dry hits and burning your wick.
  • E-liquid can cause an uncomfortable hit when using an unsuitable type; this can be corrected by reading the E-liquid section to help guide you in the right direction.
  • Chain vaping can cause dry hits by not giving the vape enough time to let your wick become saturated between each hit. This can cause unpleasant side effects. Always vape responsibly.
  • Letting your wick become saturated is of utmost importance; filling your tank and leaving it for 7-10 minutes before the first hit will dramatically reduce the chances of a dry hit.

If still unsatisfied, consider investing in a more customisable vape device so that you can alter the settings as you please.

Why Does My Vape Burn My Throat When I Inhale?

Burning the vape throat when you inhale can be you experiencing a dry hit. This occurs when there is no vape juice to vaporise and can result in a sore or burning throat.

The burn you might feel after inhaling your vape can be an uncomfortable sensation but one that can be corrected.

When you inhale your vape, you will experience a ‘hit’. This can feel harsh and uncomfortable. Inhaling the vapour should be a smooth experience. In some cases, you will experience a burning sensation which can be easily rectified and become a more pleasant experience. This is known as a dry hit; a dry hit is when the vape isn't working to its best, meaning you can experience a burning sensation when inhaling the vapour.

E-liquids play a massive part in how your vape feels. Depending on how you like your vape to feel when inhaling, plenty of varieties suit your expectations.

To summarise, to help with your desired hit, try lowering your nicotine strength; if this compromises your craving for more nicotine, then you should look at the percentage of VG/PG, Vegetable Glycerin, VG and Propylene Glycol, PG. Or try different types of e-liquid, such as nic-salts.

If you are experiencing a dry hit and have tried the steps above, it could be because of the percentage of PG compared to VG. You'll find that the higher the PG, the more chance of a dry hit. It is suggested to try with a 50/50 ratio and increase the VG percentage until suitable.

Make sure your tank/cartridge is filled with e-liquid, and you are using the correct wattage on the device with the coil you are using.

For more insights, take a look at our blog how do you stop a throat hit when vaping?

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