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Does It Matter What Juice I Put In My Vape?

Published 3 August 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

Does It Matter What Juice I Put In My Vape?

Does It Matter What Juice I Put In My Vape?

You should try and use the correct juices for your vape, but generally speaking, if you have used the wrong e-liquid, it generally will not ruin your vape experience and can easily be corrected.

Within the eliquid world, you will notice various types available. There can be different liquid types such as freebase or nic salts, different strengths of nicotine from 0mg to 20mg, different ratios of VG/PG, different sized bottles such as 10ml with nicotine and 100ml without and 100's of flavours.

The juice you choose will depend on what vaping device you use.

If you are using a vape pen such as the Uwell Caliburn, for instance, which has the ability to go up to 11 watts and can support a 1.2 ohms coil, you will be best suited to using an e-liquid which has equal VG/PG or 60VG/40PG. This is an excellent start for people looking for a similar feeling when inhaling their vape to smoking and also wanting a higher nicotine strength. For high PG e-liquids, check out Double Drip 50/50 10mls, available in multiple nicotine strengths, ideal for an MTL vape.

If you're using a more advanced vape kit such as the VooPoo Drag X, which has a higher wattage range reaching 80 and is capable of housing a coil with a resistance as low as 0.3 ohms, these types of devices are suited to people looking for the big cloud effect and not as much as a nicotine hit and are best used with e-liquids with a high ratio of VG such as 80/20. For a high VG e-liquid, check out Double Drip Shortfill e-liquids for the perfect flavour for a DTL vape.

If the wrong liquid is used in the wrong device, you will have issues with your coil and ultimately burn it out.

Is E-Liquid The Same As Oil?

Vegetable glycerin which helps makeup vape juice, is derived from vegetable oil, but it is not itself an oil. Vegetable glycerin is a type of alcohol, making it functional for inhalation, whereas vegetable oil is not safe for inhalation at all.

Although vegetable glycerin is derived from forms of vegetable oil, it is not the same.

  • Vegetable oil is not created to make vapour, whereas vegetable glycerin is.
  • The taste of vapourised oil is highly unpleasant and can be toxic.
  • You can easily ruin your coils and potentially risk the rest of the vape device.

You should not consider vaping essential oils, either. Even though some essential oils may seem safe for inhalation, it is hazardous to try this via a vape device.

Essential oils all have different boiling points. Using this in your vape, designed to vaporise e-liquids, may risk scolding your mouth and throat because the essential oil has reached boiling much quicker than a vape juice would.

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