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How Do You Smoke Vape Juice Without A Vape?

Published 25 July 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

How Do You Smoke Vape Juice Without A Vape?

How Do You Smoke Vape Juice Without A Vape?

There is no safe or recommended way to smoke vape juice with a vaping device. There are ways to heat the liquid to produce a vapour that can be inhaled, but this is dangerous and not recommended as there is no safe way of doing this without a regulated vape.

Do not attempt to ingest your eliquid by putting drops on your tongue as this can cause problems such as blistering on the tongue or gums and, if swallowed, could hold a potential risk of nicotine poisoning.

What Happens If You Smoke An Empty Vape?

Suppose you smoke a vape that no longer contains any vape juice. In that case, you are guaranteed to experience a dry hit which is when the coil no longer holds enough moisture to produce vapour which results in the coil burning and releasing fumes that are very unpleasant to inhale, leaving you with a burnt cotton taste and a harsh sensation on the back of the user's throat.

If you find yourself unfortunate enough to vape your device without containing any liquid, you will instantly be met with a very unpleasant, burnt cotton taste and smell that lingers for a while, this burnt inhale is called a 'Dry Hit', and you are almost guaranteed to experience this if you vape a device that contains no liquid. 

If you continue to vape a device that does not contain any juice, it has the potential risk of damaging your coils to the point that they will not work when refilled with fresh juice. Once the cotton in the coil has burnt out, the coil will need to be disposed of correctly and replaced with a new coil.

Can You Vape Without Liquid?

Vaping liquids other than reputable and regulated vape juices can hold the potential risks of scalding or burning the skin on the inside of your mouth, and your device itself could potentially hold a risk of becoming damaged from this.

Attempting to vape water would only produce hot steam, which can lead to burns; Vaping water would also make a louder than usual gargling or crackling sound that could be worrying to some users, so this is not recommended at all. Doing this can potentially lead to injury.

Another issue to be aware of is the risks of vaping a vape device that no longer contains any liquid in the tank or pod.

Vaping on a dry tank or pod will result in the user smoking and inhaling burnt cotton. Not only will this taste horrendous, but it will also not be very enjoyable or comfortable to vape as the burnt cotton has a very harsh and intense burning sensation when inhaled; this is commonly known as a dry hit.

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