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What Can You Do With Leftover Vape Juice?

Published 27 July 2022, Updated 9 April 2024

What Can You Do With Leftover Vape Juice?

What Can You Do With Leftover Vape Juice?

If you have e-liquid leftover in your tank or cartridge and want to reuse it with a different juice, it is best to empty the tank and wash it out to eliminate any of the remanences of the previous liquid. Or use a new cartridge with your fresh juice, depending on what applies to you.
Can You Put Vape Juice Back In Bottle?
Yes, it is entirely possible to pour your unused e-liquid back into its original bottle. Although the juice has been exposed to heat, light and oxygen so may not have the same qualities as the unused e-liquid.

There is an option to put the leftover eliquid back into the original bottle or another empty container; this option leaves the vaping community divided as some people find that once the liquid has been used in a vape, it doesn't hold the same properties as original e-liquid so lays spoiled and should not be mixed with any juice or reused.

If you want to reuse your e-liquid, it is entirely still usable if it is within its expiration date so that it can be put back into its original bottle or a separate empty container. Still, please be aware that the juice has been impacted by light, heat and oxygen, which can affect its lifespan and lose its ability to last as long as the original juice if stored correctly.

The e-liquid within your vape, which has been subjected to heat light and oxygen, is not of the same quality as the vape juice, which has been stored correctly in its original bottle. But this is still something you can do; this is entirely down to personal choice.

Most vapers prefer either using a new cartridge per new vape juice if applicable or thoroughly cleaning out their vape tank to remove any remaining tastes from the previous e-liquid used.

This remains a dived topic within the vaping community; some find it is better not to mix e-liquid, which has already succumbed to different elements, with juice in the bottle stored correctly. Or that reusing the liquid will not have the same vaping experience as if you used a fresh e-liquid as it hasn't been stored to achieve its best version.

But long as the e-liquids are the same type and flavour, there shouldn't be any serious consequences of putting the juice back into the bottle other than; you may find its ability to remain useable for its entire lifespan according to the expiration date compromised. This is because it has already been subjected to heat, light and oxygen, affecting the juice's longevity.

To sum up, this topic, putting the remaining e-liquid from your device back into its original or empty bottle is entirely ok. If you plan to use the juice again soon, this should be no issue. But keep in mind the points covered above if you want to keep the vape juice for a long while.

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