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Does Vape Juice Go Bad After Opening?

Published 27 July 2022, Updated 24 June 2024

Does Vape Juice Go Bad After Opening?

Does Vape Juice Go Bad After Opening?

As long as your e-liquid is stored correctly and within its expiration date, your juice will not go bad immediately after it is opened.

Storage is essential to keep your eliquid in the best possible condition, and incorrect storage can make your e-liquid turn bad.

  • Keeping your e-liquid away from direct sunlight in a room temperature environment; if it is a particularly hot day, find a cool dark spot.
  • Do not store your juice where it may face high temperatures, such as above a radiator or on a window sill.
  • Tightly close the lid of the juice to stop it from becoming over-exposed to oxygen.

Your vape juice will usually expire around two years. That is if your e-liquid remains unopened and stored entirely correctly. So keep this in mind when wanting to keep a juice.

If your e-liquid hasn't included an expiration date, it is best to assume it's a few months less than two years from purchase.

If you find yourself with e-liquid that has gone bad, it is advised not to use it; as well as it tasting bad, it can lose its entire effect regarding nicotine deeming it pointless.

How Do You Know If Vape Juice Is Bad?

A few indications will tell you if your e-liquid is no longer fit for use, such as taste and smell.

You should always be mindful of the expiration date on the juice bottle, as that is a good indication of whether your liquid will be ok to use, although vape juice is usually ok to use slightly after the expired date.

Although it is not a legal requirement that e-liquid manufacturers include the expiration date, you'll find that the majority do.

On the other hand, it is possible with incorrect storage that your e-liquid can go bad before the expiration date; it is best always to be mindful of this.

You may notice your juice darkening because the nicotine in the e-liquid has been exposed to high levels of oxygen; this is usually not a cause for concern, but the correct storage can be minimised.

If you've filled up your tank with an e-liquid and it doesn't taste how you remember, either tasting unpleasant or has no taste, this can be a good indication that your juice is bad.

The same goes with smell; when opening your juice, if you notice an unpleasant smell or simple no smell at all, your e-liquid could be bad.

If you find yourself with a bottle of juice which appears to have separated, give the bottle a quick shake. If the e-liquid continues to separate, this is another strong indication that your juice is past its prime.

To conclude, the best way to keep your juice from turning bad is to pay attention to the expiration date, correctly store the liquid and use your intuition regarding the juice's taste, smell and appearance.

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