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How Do You Use Disposable Vape After It Dies?

Published 7 July 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

How Do You Use Disposable Vape After It Dies?

How Do You Use Disposable Vape After It Dies?

As these devices are disposable, there is no way of reviving them after they have run out of vape juice or when the battery inside has completed depleted. When a disposable vape dies, you must dispose of the device and replace it with a new one.

A disposable vape is exactly what it says in the name. Meaning that when your disposable vaping device can no longer produce any vapour due to it no longer containing enough liquid or it no longer having any battery life to fire the coil and produce vapour, you have to dispose of the device correctly and then replace the device with a new one.

How Do You Make A Disposable Vape Hit After It Dies?

When your disposable vape has died, there is no way of reviving this. The most commonly reported problem is getting no hits from your disposable vape device.

Most vapour report not being able to get any vapour even when the power LED blinks. Several reasons could cause this problem: no e-liquid, dead battery, insensitive airflow error or the vape never working in the first place.

No E-Liquid.

When your disposable vaping device no longer has any liquid, you will try to produce vapour by inhaling, but the device will not fire up and produce vapour but will show a small LED light flashing on the vape itself. This indicates that the battery still has some life, but when the LED light flashes, the disposable vape no longer has enough liquid to produce vapour.

Dead Battery.

If you have been using your disposable vape for a number of days, you may eventually experience your vape unexpectedly stopping working. The reason this happens is down to the disposable vape no longer having ant battery life.

Unlike when you are out of e-liquid, and the LED light will flash to indicate this when the battery has died, the device will no longer produce any vapour and will also show no signs of life by lighting up the LED light on the device. If you are unfortunate to experience this, you will need to dispose of the disposable vape and replace it with a new one.

Insensitive Airflow Error.

The airflow sensor may be obstructed by condensation if you’re using a draw-activated disposable vape device. Although it sounds like a unique problem, it can be quite common.

The best way to resolve this issue is to vape with one of your fingers around one of the airflow vents (usually found on the side or the bottom of the device). This increases the airflow pressure and might get the sensors up and running again.

Faulty Disposable Vape.

In some infrequent instances, you may notice that your disposable vape has never worked since you purchased it; it could be a factory defect.

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