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Can You Use Nic Salt In A VooPoo Drag X?

Published 4 May 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

Can You Use Nic Salt In A VooPoo Drag X?

Can You Use Salt Nic In A VooPoo Drag X?

Yes, you can! The PnP TR1, TM2 and R1 would be ideal for nicotine salts. Lower resistance coils below 0.8 ohms are designed for high VG e-liquids.

The VooPoo Drag X is everything you might want in a salt nic set-up, with its replacement PnP coil system being the perfect fit for salt nic users. Even though nicotine salt is more widely associated with cigarette-like devices and other disposable systems, the lovely thing that e-cigarettes have over traditional cigarettes is the pod and device system that allows most of the pods to be rechargeable, refillable and reusable.

Only the heating coil needs to be changed every one to two weeks, which is well manufactured, unlike the cheap packaging of cigarettes.

The VooPoo Drag X is part of VooPoo’s Drag Mod series, which takes PnP coils. These PnP, or push-n-pull, coils are extremely versatile and range from ceramic, high-resistance MTL legends to sub-ohm superstars. However, if you decide to use nicotine salt e-liquids, common in 50/50 VG/PG, you may find your vape experience too harsh when using low-resistance coils, and it could burn out your coil very severely quickly.

Can VooPoo drag take salt Nic?

Yes, a VooPoo drag can take salt Nic. PnP coils with a greater resistance than 0.8 ohm would be best to use.

The VooPoo Drag, consisting of the Drag X, the Drag S, and many other Drag models are high wattage, high performance and high tech pod-based vape systems. With VooPoo’s PnP heating coil technology (meaning push-n-pull), you can easily swap out the stock low resistance coils intended for a mix between mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping styles with the higher resistance coils more suited for vaping salt nic.

The Gene Fit technology allows the PnP coils to work their best magic since it automatically detects the wattage requirements of the coil inserted and adjusts for it.

Can I Use Salt Nic In Drag S?

Yes, you can! Resistances over 0.8 ohm will give you the most significant vape experience, whilst the lower resiatnce Pnp coils are for high VG e-liquids.

The Drag S is a single-battery love letter to old-school vape and new-school modular technologies. The days of disposable pods and disposable e-cigarettes are long. The PnP or push-n-pull heating coils are perfect for tuning and customising your e-cigarette experience. The nic salts can be tuned with the heating coils and the adjustable airflow for the perfect draw. Moreover, the Drag S can be breath-activated, meaning smokers looking to convert to vaping will find the transition very straightforward.

Can You Use Salt Nic In A Voopoo Drag 3?

Yes, you can. However, it would be best if you used a PnP pod tank alongside high-resistance PnP coils.

Though nicotine salt set-ups are traditionally associated with disposable systems and cigarette likes, it need not be due to VooPoo’s Gene Fit chip technology. The wonderful thing about e-cigarettes is that besides the heating coil, the liquids can be refilled, and the body of the e-cigarette can be cleaned and reused. Even if you are an ex-smoker, you shouldn’t be afraid to invest in VooPoo’s Drag system.

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