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What Does Salt Nic Do To Your Lungs?

Published 2 August 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

What Does Salt Nic Do To Your Lungs?

What Does Salt Nic Do To Your Lungs?

Nicotine salts are neither more nor less harmful than freebase nicotine. As research is still ongoing on the effects on the lungs, we do know that vaping nic salts are less harmful than traditional Tobacco cigarettes.

Smoking traditional cigarettes is the leading cause of lung disease and cancer worldwide. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates over 7 million deaths are caused by cigarette smoking and second-hand smoke. Cigarette smokers are exposed to thousands of toxic chemicals such as tar and carbon monoxide. These nasty by-products cover the inside of your lungs and prevent gaseous exchange between alveoli cells; therefore, less oxygen is carried in the bloodstream to where your body needs it most.

Electronic cigarettes have become an alternative nicotine replacement therapy to help people quit smoking. E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than cigarettes, according to a report by Public Health England.

Vaping using e-cigarettes does not contain the toxic chemicals that a tobacco cigarette possesses when you smoke. Salt nic e-liquids are similar to freebase nicotine; the only difference is that they have acidic compounds such as benzoic acid. The acidic compounds present reduced the PH of the e-liquid, which results in a smoother vape experience for the user at high nicotine strengths.

It is important to note that if you have pre-existing lung conditions such as COPD or asthma, then it is not recommended that you vape; however, if you're choosing to vape or smoke, then we recommend vaping as it is less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

Does Salt NIC Make You Cough More?

Nic Salts PROVIDE vapers with a smooth vape experience. Nic salt vape juice will reduce the amount you cough, as vaping salt nicotine e-liquid will result in less of a rough throat hit.

Nicotine salts are a great alternative when vaping higher nicotine strengths. Nic salts offer a smooth throat hit, which allows you to vape at higher nicotine concentrations.

Nic salts are to be vaped with low-wattage devices for mouth-to-lung vaping. If you vape nicotine salts with high-wattage devices, this can cause you to cough. If you are starting vaping for the first time or switching to nic salts, then this first step can cause you to cough. Still, no need to worry, as this is your body adjusting to something new entering the body, do not let it deter you away from vaping unless coughing persists for longer.

Vaping high concentrations of nicotine will make you cough, so it's important as a first-time switcher to vaping or nic salts to start with a lower nicotine strength to allow your body to adjust to the nicotine levels. You can always increase or decrease the nicotine strength. It is recommended that heavy smokers vape at 20mg nicotine salts, whilst light, social smokers should be on 5-10mg nicotine salt e-liquids.

There are a few things to consider if you are coughing after vaping.

  1. Quality of e-liquid.

There are hundreds of brands out there. However, many brands use different quality ingredients. This may take some trial and error, but stick to brands you know that are well-reviewed.

  1. Burnt coil/Pod.

Make sure you are using a fresh coil/pod. If these are burnt, this will result in coughing and a horrible burning sensation.

  1. PG sensitive.

It is not uncommon that some vapers are sensitive to PG. Although the majority of nicotine salts come in 50/50 VG/PG ratios, there are Nic salt brands that offer 60Vg/40PG. Or try switching to Freebase nicotine, with a high VG and lower nicotine strength.

  1. Keep Hydrated.

It is essential to stay hydrated after vaping; vaping can cause dry mouth, which causes coughing.

  1. Use the correct device.

If using high PG e-liquid or nicotine salts, you must use these with low-wattage devices and coils over 1 ohm. Using high-wattage devices will cause you to cough due to the amount of nicotine you are vaping at once.

Does Salt Nicotine Dehydrate You?

It is essential to stay hydrated whilst vaping as the ingredients in nicotine salts such as nicotine and Propylene glycol will cause dehydration.

Nicotine salts contain a high percentage of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol, usually as a 50/50 ratio. Although both dry out the mouth and cause dehydration, it is said that propylene glycol has a more drying effect on the mouth.

Propylene Glycol retains water molecules in the mouth, stopping your saliva from being absorbed into the body. It would be best to stay hydrated whilst vaping, as it can lead to coughing and headaches.

We recommend carrying a water bottle everywhere so you are always hydrated.

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