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Which Nord 4 Coil Is Best For Salt Nic?

Published 13 February 2023, Updated 10 April 2024

Which Nord 4 Coil Is Best For Salt Nic?

Which Nord 4 Coil Is Best For Salt Nic?

If you prefer to use nic salt e-liquids for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, the 0.8 Ohm RPM coil from SMOK would be ideal. These work best as the coil will perform amazingly with a 50/50 Nic salt and Freebase nicotine.

When using nic salt e-liquids in the SMOK Nord 4, you will want to find a coil that will produce a satisfying throat hit when inhaling and create a relatively large amount of cloud production and intense levels of flavour from the juice.

As most nic salt e-liquids are 50VG/50PG, you will need a coil that works best with higher PG liquids and will perform to the best of its ability. SMOK's 0.8 Ohm RPM coil works best with nic salt vape juices.

What Vape Juice Can I Use In Smok Nord 4?

When using the RPM coils in the SMOK Nord 4, it is recommended that you use 50/50 e-liquids for the best vaping experience. When using the RPM2 coils, it would be best to use high VG liquids as the RPM2 coil due to their lower resistance.

When designing the Nord 4, SMOK ensured that this device could be vaped in multiple ways, such as mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping. This can be achieved thanks to the different coil options that can be fitted into the two compatible pods for the Nord 4, and these pods take the entire SMOK RPM and RPM2 coil range.

Coils And Juices

  • Mesh 0.4 Ohm RPM coil: Ideally, you want to be looking at the thicker and more premium juices for this coil to avoid leaks and performance issues. Anything with a VG ratio of 50% or higher.

  • Triple 0.6 Ohm RPM coil: This is best suited with any juice that has at least 50% PG right through to 70% VG and, in some cases, even higher VG percentages.

  • Quartz 1.2 Ohm RPM coil: With this coil, juice with a 70% or 80% PG percentage will work best because this thinner liquid is ideal for these coils. You can also use thicker 50% PG juices to give you more vapour and flavour.

  • SC 1.0 Ohm RPM coil: The SC 1.0 Ohm RPM coil is ideal for any juices with a higher PG percentage, usually anything from 50% or higher, as these lower resistance coils do not perform well with high VG liquids.

  • MTL Mesh 0.3 RPM coil: The MTL Mesh 0.3 Ohm RPM coil is a coil that works best with 50VG/50PG e-liquids such as nic salts, but this coil will require more power to allow the user to experience a slightly more satisfying vape.

  • DC 0.8 Ohm RPM coil: This RPM coil will perform best when using higher VG liquids such as 70VG/30PG, as this coil can be fired up at much higher wattages to produce higher levels of flavour and cloud production.

  • Mesh 0.16 Ohm RPM2 coil: The 0.16 Ohm RPM2 coil is ideal for higher VG e-liquids as the coil can withstand much higher wattage outputs due to them being mesh.

  • DC 0.6 Ohm RPM2 coil: The 0.6 Ohm RPM2 coil works best with higher VG e-liquids, but the slightly higher resistance will not be as powerful as the other two RPM2 coils.

  • DC 0.25 Ohm RPM2 coil: The DC 0.25 Ohm RPM2 coil performs best when using high VG vape juices. This RPM2 coil will allow users to experience intense flavour and vapour production levels.

    For more information, check out our guide on how many Nord 4 coils are there. 


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