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Which PnP Coil Is Best For Flavour?

Published 9 May 2022, Updated 9 April 2024

Which PnP Coil Is Best For Flavour?

Which PnP Coil Is Best For Flavour?

The best PnP coil for the best flavour would be the 0.6 ohm PnP coil, but if you are using a high PG based liquid, then the 1.2-ohm coil would be more suitable.

Pinning down which PnP coil is best for flavour requires understanding how the different elements of a vape device interact together to form the flavour. This is also somewhat subjective as the flavour is a matter of taste, literally, and ask a thousand different vape users, and you’ll most likely come back with at least 500 different flavours. The Voopoo PnP coils incorporate a mesh coil design, and most are sub-ohm coils.

However, the PnP coil is designed exactly to help make decisions like this easier. VooPoo designed the PnP around maximum modularity, meaning that their PnP compatible vape systems, with few select exceptions, cater to both Direct to Lung (DL, DTL, or sometimes called sub-ohm) and Mouth to Lung (MTL) vaping styles.

Just a little crash course on the two types:

First, the traditional way to vape, or the mouth-to-lung way, involves getting vapour into the mouth and then inhaling it further into the lungs. This is a lot closer to the action associated with smoking conventional cigarettes and is used quite widely among smokers looking to use vaping to help them quit smoking or find a healthier way to get nicotine in their system.

Therefore, many mouth to lung e-liquids has nicotine concentrations similar to what cigarettes would have and menthol flavours. If MTL liquids have a unique flavour, they are usually formulated to be smoother and more unsaturated. mouth-to-lung vaping also favours e-liquids with a higher PG content.

What I mean by this is the two main ingredients in e-liquid; Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). The ratio between both substances can determine how a liquid burns and how it carries flavour, texture, and cloud density.

If you are vaping direct to lung, then you should favour e-liquids with lesser PG and more VG. Your e-liquid, since it usually produces much denser and larger clouds upon vapourisation, usually will contain dramatically lower amounts of nicotine to account for that. In general, since VG is known to be a better flavour carrier, the high-VG DTL liquids you are likely to find will likely contain bolder, more saturated, more condensed flavours, anything from fruity goodness to oddball fantasy.

This is all very important to know if you are moving on from disposable vape pens. Since most of you likely are doing so, you will be giving up the manufacturer’s well-tuned liquid, coil, and battery combination for more flexibility and freedom, and you don’t want to waste that.

If you are looking for an MTL vape, you can’t go wrong with the PnP-R1, which has a round wire that delivers excellent heat distribution and an even, smooth vapour feel.

I like the PnP-VM6 best for a great DTL puff with its strong 60-80W and 0.15ohm of resistance.

Read our article on how long does a PnP coil last for more information on these popular vaping coils.

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