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How Long Does A PnP Coil Last?

Published 9 May 2022, Updated 9 April 2024

How Long Does A PnP Coil Last?

How Long Does A PnP Coil Last?

PnP coils last from one week with heavy and uncontrolled use to up to 3 weeks with light vape use and regular cleaning.

PnP vape coils are made to be replaced easily. That surely means that they don’t last forever. Well, no shame on that since there doesn’t yet exist an e-cigarette heating coil that lasts forever. In fact, because of the PnP, Voopoo’s “Push-n-pull” coil design, the heating coils are designed to be replaced more liberally by replacing the traditional challenging coil installation process with something a little more intuitive for users.

A PnP coil, just like most coils in these kinds of systems, should last one to two weeks with average use. However, there are certain things to note if you’re looking to reduce the speed of coil degeneration and improve your heating coil’s lifespan.

PnP coils, just like other e-cigarette coils, are made to heat e-liquid, which, if not fully vaporised, can form a thin film around the coils and wick around your vape device. This film of residue from the e-liquid can clog up your device and artificially increase the resistance of your heating coil, leading to the user feeling like their coils are wearing out much faster than they should.

This makes it such that users of VooDoo’s PnP systems need to clean their coils regularly, just like users of any other coil systems do. By cleaning your vape device, you can make your coil last longer. By clearing out your vape tank regularly, you can make sure that just enough e-liquid is fed into the atomiser module, which minimises the possibility of such residue forming.

Even though it might sound nitpicky and altogether vain, cleaning up residue helps to get rid of any e-liquid residue that will ruin the flavour of your vape. Significantly if you are changing e-liquids, consider timing your e-liquid top-up and usage to correspond with the one to two weeks a heating coil is suitable for. This is so that when you change the flavour of your e-liquid, you won’t have to clean the residue that might make your Watermelon Retreat taste more like day-old Pina Colada.

Lastly, you need to clean your coils or replace them when you start tasting a burnt taste in your vapour. This means that something is going wrong with your heating coil, making it very dangerous to continue using it without cleaning it first, as it may overheat.

How Long Do PnP Coils Last?

On average, PnP coils last between 1-3 weeks, depending on the usage.

PnP coils can last anywhere from one week to three weeks based on how you use them, the humidity of the environment, and other internal and external factors.

Cleaning your coils will help prolong their shelf life as e-liquid is known to make residue around the heating coil and the wicking material, which will affect the coil's effectiveness, taste, and performance. VooPoo’s PnP coils are made for easy replacement, so this shouldn’t be very difficult to do. Just make sure that while you are changing the Push-n-Pull coils. You should also use a Q-tip (cotton bud) and a medium cotton pad to clean out your device, the tank and the pod.

Certain e-liquids can reduce the lifespan of your coils. E-liquids that are high in VG and contain high sweetener flavourings will reduce the lifespan of your vape coil.

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