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A Guide to Bar Salt Flavours: Finding Your Perfect Taste

Published 28 March 2023, Updated 9 April 2024

A Guide to Bar Salt Flavours: Finding Your Perfect Taste

The popularity of affordable disposable vapes and exciting disposable vape brands like Elf Bar 600, SKE Crystal and Lost Mary BM600 has given rise to an extensive range of vape flavours that cater to various taste buds. With many vapers seeking a more environmentally friendly alternative to disposable vapes, Bar Salts have emerged as the answer. These nicotine salt e-liquids offer the same flavour profiles as their disposable vape counterparts while being compatible with reusable devices, such as vape pens and pod kits.

In this guide, we will explore popular Bar Salt vape juice flavours, using disposable vape favourites as points of reference. We'll also delve into some helpful tips for choosing your perfect Bar Salts flavour, ensuring a satisfying vaping experience.

Understanding Bar Salt Nic Salts

Bar Salts are disposable vape inspired e-liquid flavours infused with nicotine salts, a type of nicotine derived from tobacco leaves. Unlike freebase nicotine found in traditional e-liquids, nicotine salts provide a smoother throat hit, making them suitable for low-powered starter kits and pod kits. Nic salts are also known for delivering a more intense flavour experience, satisfying nicotine cravings more effectively for ex-smokers looking to quit smoking.

By replicating popular disposable vape flavours, Bar Salts offer an extensive range of nicotine salt e liquids, providing the same taste and satisfaction without the need for single-use devices.

To learn more about what Bar Salts are, check out our Introduction to Bar Salts article.

Exploring Bar Salt Flavours Categories

To help you navigate the vaping world of Bar Salts, we've divided the flavours into four primary categories: fruity, beverage-inspired, dessert, and cool and icy flavours. We will highlight popular disposable vape flavours and their corresponding Bar Salts options.

Fruity Flavours

Fruity flavours are a hit among disposable vape users and Bar Salts enthusiasts alike. The vibrant taste of Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice from Elf Bar, for example, is echoed in the White Peach Razz from Bar Juice 5000, a delicious blend of sweet peach and tangy raspberry. If the tropical Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava from SKE Crystal caught your attention, you might find the Kiwi Passion Guava from Bar Series an ideal choice.

Bar Salts offer a wide array of fruity flavours, ranging from the citrus flavours of lemon and lime to the sweetness of strawberry and mango. With so many options, your taste buds are in for a treat.

Beverage-Inspired Flavours

Beverage-inspired flavours, such as Cherry Cola or Red Bull Ice, are another popular choice for disposable vape users. Bar Salts offer various e-liquid flavours that capture these taste profiles, like Cherry Fizz from Riot Squad Bar EDTN, a delightful cherry cola blend, or Energy Ice from Bar Juice 5000, reminiscent of the energizing taste of Red Bull Ice in Elf Bar V2.

These beverage-inspired bar salt flavours not only satisfy your taste buds but also provide a familiar and comforting experience similar to your favourite drinks.

Dessert Flavours

For those with a sweet tooth, dessert flavours are a popular choice among disposable vape users. Bar Salts offer an impressive array of dessert-inspired e-liquid flavours, such as Strawberry Ice Cream from Bar Juice 5000, which mirrors the creamy sweetness of Strawberry Ice Cream in SKE Crystal.

If the Mango Milk Ice from Elf Bar was a favourite, you'll find solace in Mango Vanilla Ice Cream from Riot Squad Bar EDTN, a delightful blend of sweet mango, rich vanilla, and creamy ice cream. These dessert-inspired flavours will have you coming back for seconds (or thirds!).

Cool and Icy Flavours

For those who crave the invigorating sensation of menthol or icy flavours, Bar Salts offer a plethora of options. If you were a fan of the cool sensation from Blue Razz Lemonade in Elf Bar or Watermelon Ice from Lost Mary BM600, the Blue Razz Lemonade Bar Series and Watermelon Ice Bar Series will provide a similar feeling, with an added smoothness from the nicotine salts.

Whether it's a frosty hit from menthol, the chilly freshness of mint, or an icy twist on fruity flavours, Bar Salts deliver a cooling sensation that keeps your vaping experience refreshing and enjoyable.

Choosing Your Perfect Bar Salts Flavour

Finding the perfect balance of flavour and satisfaction in Bar Salts depends on your personal preference, nicotine strengths, and vaping device. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice:

Know Your Flavour Profile

Consider your favourite flavours from disposable vapes and look for Bar Salts with a similar flavour profile. With an extensive range of e-liquid types, you're bound to find a flavour that appeals to your taste buds.

Nicotine Strength

Nicotine salt e liquids are available in various strengths to suit your needs. For ex-smokers, a higher nicotine strength may help curb cravings more effectively, while those who prefer a milder experience can opt for lower nicotine levels. Check out our article on choosing the right nicotine strength for Bar Salts for more information.

Vaping Device Compatibility

Ensure that your vaping device is compatible with nicotine salts. Low-powered starter kits and pod kits are ideal for nicotine salt e liquids, as they provide a smoother throat hit and a generous helping of flavour. Check out our article on choosing the best vape for Bar Salts for more information.

Experiment with Different Flavours

Don't be afraid to try new flavours and combinations. The world of Bar Salts offers countless options for you to explore, from sweet and fruity to cool and icy. Experimenting with different flavours can lead you to discover new favourites and elevate your vaping experience.


Bar Salts offer a more sustainable and satisfying alternative to disposable vapes, allowing you to enjoy the same flavour profiles without relying on single-use devices. By understanding the different flavour categories, knowing your preferences, and experimenting with various e-liquid flavours, you can find your perfect Bar Salts match and indulge in an enjoyable vaping experience.

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