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Why Does My Elf Bar Taste Burnt?

Published 29 April 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

Why Does My Elf Bar Taste Burnt?

Why Is My Elf Bar So Harsh?

An Elf Bar can taste harsh for a few reasons; high PG content of the e-liquid, not enough e-liquid being vaporised or you could have a burnt coil.

Having a sore throat is the easiest way to spoil your vaping experience and put you off it. The harshness of vaping could catch vapers by surprise, regardless of if you are new to vaping or are a veteran vaper. Despite this being a commonly experienced side effect, there is a rather simple fix to this unpleasant situation.

Various issues could lead to your Elf Bar vape being too harsh. Still, some of the more common ones include an overly high nicotine content in the pre-filled e-liquid, the ratio of PG to VG being off, your vape's variable voltage device having an overly high voltage and the airflow of the vape being sealed off. A common fix would also be to try nicotine salts. Sometimes, it also helps to drink some water, and the problem could be as simple as dehydration leading to a dry throat and mouth.

Why Does My Elf Bar Taste Burnt?

Your elf bar can taste burnt if your vape's wicking system is dry or malfunctioning.

No matter what vape device you choose, it will consist of a heating element, a wicking system and the e-liquid. The heating element will heat the e-liquid, which soaks the wicking system until the temperature is high enough and the liquid evaporates. When you take a hit, this is what you inhale.

As you can guess, once the wicking system is dried out, there won't be any e-liquid to vaporise. The heating element ends up heating and burning the dried cotton, leading to a burnt taste and an unpleasant vaping experience. Here are some tips you can try before buying a new vape.

  1. Leave your elf bar alone after getting the burnt taste to allow the wicking system to be re-saturated with the e-liquid. If you don't do so, you run the risk of completely burning the wicking system, which will result in a permanently burnt taste.
  2. Turn your vape pod upside down, allowing the e-liquid to soak through the cotton. After doing so, wait a few minutes to let the cotton soak up the e-liquid and see if you still get a burnt taste or not. If you're still tasting a burnt flavour, you can try leaving your vape for a bit longer. This allows the cotton of the wick system to absorb more e-liquid.

If you still get a burnt taste after trying these tips out, then it's a sign for you to get a new elf bar.

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Why Does My Elf Bar Taste Weird?

It can be an unpleasant experience when you puff a burning taste or smell in instead of that fruity fragrance you were expecting. Wondering why this happens? The short answer is that the cotton wicking system of your vape has likely malfunctioned.

Regardless of what vape device you opt for, the vape pod will be made up of a heating element often in the form of coils, a wicking system that is likely to be made of cotton and the e-liquid flavour of your choice. When the burnt taste is experienced, the wicking system is dried out, and the cotton is burnt rather than the e-liquid, which is meant to saturate the cotton being vaporised.

If this is the case, then try these tips to get back that pleasant vape experience:

  1. Stop vaping to allow the e-liquid to saturate the wicking system. If you don't do so, the cotton could be completely burnt through, resulting in a permanent weird taste for the remainder of this vape pod.
  2. Turn the vape pod around to help the cotton be soaked faster. If there is any e-liquid left, this fix ought to do the trick since gravity will work to saturate the cotton.

If nothing works and you are still experiencing a weird taste, then it's likely that your elf bar has run out of e-liquid, and it's time to get yourself a new one. Take this chance to try out one of the other flavours on offer! From Zesty Strawberry to Tangy Lemonade, there's something for every vaper.

For a replacement, check out our collection of nicotine free and 20mg Elf Bars at IndeJuice.

Learn more about can you refill Elf Bars in the following article.

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