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Can You Vape Voopoo Drag Whilst Charging?

Published 13 May 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

Can You Vape Voopoo Drag Whilst Charging?

Can You Vape Voopoo Drag Whilst Charging?

Yes, you can. The Voopoo Drag can be vaped whilst being charged, thanks to the device's convenient charging port at the bottom of the front panel.

Whether you are using a Voopoo Drag kit with an internal (built-in) battery or an external (removable) battery, you can still vape the Voopoo Drag kit while it is being charged. The charging port on the front panel of the device, near the bottom, makes it effortless and convenient to vape whilst charging.

This is even more convenient for vape users who use the Voopoo Drag kit with an internal (built-in) battery. When the battery dies, you do not have the easy option to remove the dead battery and replace it with a charged one. So when your vape device dies or is slowly starting to produce less power, you can easily connect your charging cable to the device and continue to use it without any restrictions.

If you're using a Voopoo Drag kit that takes external (removable) batteries, this can still be vaped whilst still on charge. However, you can remove the empty battery and replace it with a charged battery if you have an external battery charger, which would be more convenient. Being able to charge the external battery in the device whilst also vaping when you do not have any spare charged batteries is also very convenient.

It is essential that you are charging your device using the correct charging plug or USB port. Charging a device with a plug or USB port that is too powerful can cause damage to the battery whether or not it is being vaped when charging. Charging the batteries with too much power will slowly cause battery shrinkage, slowly killing off your battery until it can no longer hold a decent charge.

It can be extremely stressful when your vape battery dies and you do not have the option to vape your device whilst charging, whether this be because of the charging port being in an inconvenient place or even the charging cable being in the way of the fire button or mouthpiece so this makes the Voopoo Drag one of the best kits on the market that can be charged whilst also being vaped.

Some of the Voopoo kits, such as the Drag X, take an external (removable) battery which can be charged using an external battery charger. These charges come in a range of sizes that can charge up to 8 batteries at one time and this is very convenient for users that vape a lot or rarely get the chance to charge their device during the day as you can easily remove the dead battery and replace it with a freshly charged one.

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