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Can You Use Regular Vape Juice In A VooPoo Drag?

Published 4 May 2022, Updated 9 April 2024

Can You Use Regular Vape Juice In A VooPoo Drag?

Can You Use Regular Vape Juice In A VooPoo Drag?

The VooPoo drag can use regular vape juice. The VooPoo Drag vapes use PnP and TPP coils. Many are low-resistance coils, so it's essential to use high VG e-liquids. Higher resistance coils, anything greater than 0.8-ohm, lower VG e-liquids should be used. Lowering the wattage on the device can allow you to use lower VG e-liquids at a lower resistance.

However, some Voopoo drag devices, such as the Drag nano, take completely different pods altogether and are intended for high PG e-liquids.

The VooPoo drag series is about packing as much power into your device as possible. With a Type-C quick-charge powering 18650 batteries, with some series like the Drag X Pro capable of supporting higher capacity batteries, the vape juice you use is irrelevant since the product lineup of the VooPoo’s PnP coils will make sure that all bases are covered. Nic salts? High VG? Cloud chasing? All these are alright and can be turned into great-performing flavour bombs for that perfect puff with careful customisation.

The VooPoo Drag series also contains the Gene Fit processing chip that handles intelligent power usage, safety features, and auto-wattage detection. Whether you’re looking for a coil with an excellent mouth-to-lung feel or one that will sub-ohm you to a higher place, your VooPoo Drag device will detect and match the required power.

What Kind Of Juice Goes In A Voopoo Drag Nano?

The VooPoo Drag Nano can only use high PG e-liquids and is easy to replace (pull the refill port out and pour in your e-liquid of choice. However, the Voopoo Drag Nano is designed to be used with 50/50 VG/PG e-liquid only.

The VooPoo Drag Nano comes with a pre-installed coil that sports 1.8ohms of resistance. This means that the Drag Nano, for starters, works best with mixed VG/PG liquids and nicotine salts for better flavour matching and articulation. The Drag Nano only comes in one resistance, and the coil cannot be replaced. Once you finish with the pod, you simply dispose of the pod only and replace it with another.

The Drag Nano has now been upgraded. Voopoo's Drag Nano 2 is available, a much more convenient set-up, where the coils come in two types of pod variations. 1.2 ohm and 0.8 ohm. This is great for anyone who wants to use a 50/50 nicotine salt or a 50/50 regular 10ml. High-resistance coils are made for vapers who want an instant nicotine hit and a choice of high nicotine concentrations. The 0.8-ohm option allows you to use higher VG e-liquids, which the original drag Nano did not.

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