How Do I Stop Drag X From Leaking?

Published May 4th 2022
This article looks at the ways you can prevent your VooPoo Drag X and Drag S vape device from leaking e-liquid.

How Do I Stop Drag X From Leaking?

There can be many reasons why your Drag X vape is leaking. This could be due to overfilling your pod. The pod is cracked, and inaccurate installation of your coils.

Overfilling: When refilling your Drag X, you might overestimate the amount the pod can hold, which is a common error for those new to their devices. Once you familiarise yourself with it, this should occur less. A tip to prevent this from happening is only to fill it up 90% of the way instead of to the brim.

Cracked Plastic: Unfortunately, at the slip of a hand, anyone can drop their device, which would result in cracked plastic. Unfortunately, if the pod is cracked, the only solution is to purchase a new one. So, do take care of your pods.

Inaccurate Installation of Coil: While it seems scary, you have to trust the process and push it all the way in when you install the coil into your pod. Not doing so will allow vape juice to leak through because the pod and device will not be able to fit well together.

Drawing Too Much Too Fast: Understandably, everyone needs their nicotine fix, but the recommended way is to take slow and long draws so that you allow the device time to properly pull the e-liquid to the heating coils and mixed with vapour. Doing it too fast could cause e-liquid to seep into the air chambers.

Leaving Your Device For Too Long: If you intend not to touch your vape device for more than 24 hours, empty the e-liquid lest it saturates the coils.

Increased Pressure From Flying: The difference in pressure between the sky and land is bound to make any device leak. So if you are going on a flight, a good practice would be to empty yours before you board the plane.

Does The Voopoo Drag S Leak?

Like with every device, there is no perfect device. The Voopoo Drag S is pretty well designed; however, it is still susceptible to some flaws. The device, unfortunately, does leak a little bit. This is not due to some malfunction but rather the engineering of the Drag S.

The reason leakages are common for this device is because the coil for the Drag S protrudes from the pod's base. Hence, the air chamber is exposed to the air around it. When the Drag S has been left aside for too long, when the e-liquid saturates the coils, the juice will also leak out into the air chamber. Then, there will be some wetness at the opening, where the leaks come from.

Of course, the good thing is that the other parts of the device are relatively well sealed, so you only have to do the occasional maintenance like wiping it dry before it accumulates. For the flavour and power that the Drag S can give, it is just a minor inconvenience — we think it is worth it to go through that trouble.

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