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Is VooPoo Drag X Any Good?

Published 27 April 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

Is VooPoo Drag X Any Good?

Is VooPoo Drag X Any Good?

The Drag X is most commonly compared to its counterpart Drag S, this is because they both share a similar range of compatibility with most of VooPoo’s PnP coil range. The Drag X utilises Smart mode, which detects which PnP coils you are using, a puff counter and other great features. The Drag X has an adjustable airflow to dictate your vaping style.

The Drag X is a perfect size with a comfortable leather grip. The Drag X is a feature-rich, reliable vape device from VooPoo that knocks it out of the park with colourways, functionality and versatility.

The key feature is the removable external battery in the Drag X. The Drag X uses an external 18650 battery that is easy to replace, hot-swap, and lets you puff away without waiting over an hour on a full charge. When it comes time to charge the battery, the Drag X uses a next-gen USB-C charging port, so if any of you aren’t living under a rock, you will probably have a gazillion chargers compatible with the Drag X.

However, the Drag X isn’t just easy to charge through this method. Since 18650 batteries are widely proliferated, it will be easy to find a charging case for them that can charge one, two, four, or even eight of these batteries at one go. My take? Bring this charger to work and charge everything off of your company’s dime. Now that’s efficiency.

The Drag X’s removable battery is straightforward to remove, with a kind of forward-thinking design that belongs to devices about five times the price. The battery slides in and out without any creaking or abrasion. This is because space is made in the design of the battery component so the battery can comfortably slot in and out.

The Drag X also comes with a convenient menu system, a see-through tank that contains a VooPoo PnP heating coil, and a high-weight general build. The Drag X is almost matte, and the metal shell wrapped in a leather-like material makes this device belong, aesthetically and functionally, among the ranks of luxury.

The Drag X comes with a 0.30hm coil designed for both the Drag S and the Drag X and the option of selecting a PnP coil made exclusively for the Drag X’s higher wattage capacity, the 0.15ohm mesh coil. This coil alone is reason enough for many VooPoo sub-ohm users to take the plunge on this device. For a device of this weight and size, you will be hard-pressed to find a better, thick, flavourful vape cloud.

Lastly, the Drag X sticks to the manual fire. This, along with the classic sub-ohm design style, marks an absolute win for new users and manual purists alike.

In conclusion, the Drag X is a removable battery, feature-rich, airflow-adjustable hunk of a vape kit with features and coils adjustable for both the most hardcore of cloud-chasers to the Half DL casual vapers. The Drag X comes with a coil, battery and style include, and for how good it feels in hand, it’s difficult to think of many devices that can rival the VooPoo Drag X.

Check out our recent article on which is better Drag S or Drag X or is Drag X Plus better than Drag X for more guidance on comparable vape devices.

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