What Coils Do I Need For A Voopoo Drag?

Published May 3rd 2022
In this article we look at what coils you need whilst using a Voopoo drag device.

What Coils Do I Need For A Voopoo Drag?

PnP coils are used with VooPoo drag devices that have a PnP pod. However, TPP coils can only be used with a TPP pod.

If you have gotten yourself a Voopoo Drag, we have good news. Since they are one of the bigger companies in the industry, they have an array of products that fit well with one another. So, owning certain types of Voopoo Drag like Vinci Mod Pod, Vinci R, Vinci X, Drag X, or Drag S would mean that your device is compatible with different types of PnP coils. For example, you can use PnP coils with any of the devices listed above.

The only concern then when it comes to picking the right coils for your device is simply based on personal preference. When it comes to taste, PnP coils have been acclaimed to provide the most natural flavouring and are the better coils when you wish to inhale directly into the lung. So, if you are someone who prioritises these factors, PnP coils are the most suitable. Otherwise, you can look at the other types of coils offered along the same production line since Voopoo pods are easily interchangeable between devices.

If you intend to look at the PnP coils, you might want to note that they come in different resistance ranges. The various resistances are — 0.15-Ohm, 0.2-Ohm, and 0.3-Ohm. The higher the resistance means, that they require less power. So, depending on your vaping habits, you should decide on the appropriate pod for yourself.

How Long Do Voopoo Drag S Coils Last?

PnP coils typically last between 1-2 weeks.

The length of a coil can last depends on the usage, how well maintained it is, and what e-liquid you use.

If it is constantly maintained well, the coil will last longer. In fact, it is not only limited to the owner’s meticulousness. It is also dependent on the accompanying part of the vape device that comes with it. This means that the different components such as the cotton, the e-liquid, and more. But on average, the coils can last about two weeks.

Some e-liquids might wear out the coils faster due to the different chemical components found within them. In fact, you might want to avoid sweet e-liquids if you can. It will help ensure that your device lasts longer. However, be prepared for frequent coil changes if you like sweetened e-liquid.

Apart from that, there is another more common reason why coil changes happen so often. Some people tend to use the coil at a higher voltage than recommended, causing it to burn out quicker. Normally pods come with their own resistance, and when you use them past a certain limit, they will burn out the inside. So, from there, you either have to live with a weird taste or opt to do a coil change.

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