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How Do You Charge A Disposable Vape With An Apple Charger?

Published 12 July 2022, Updated 9 April 2024

How Do You Charge A Disposable Vape With An Apple Charger?

How Do You Charge A Disposable Vape With An Apple Charger?

Some disposable vapes on the market now offer the option to be recharged, and it is possible to charge these devices using an Apple charging brick. Still, it is not recommended as most Apple chargers will deliver too much power to the device, which can then cause battery shrinkage or even cause the battery to short out and no longer work.

Although most disposable vape brands design and manufacture their products for single use only, some brands on the market now offer the option to purchase a rechargeable, disposable device meaning that the battery can be recharged. Still, it needs to be disposed of when it has run out of vape juice. There are also ways of being able to charge the battery of a disposable device that doesn't offer the option to charge it, but the method used to do this is not safe, and we do not recommend trying this method.

Suppose you have recently purchased a rechargeable disposable vape, and the battery has run out, but it still has juice inside. In that case, you can use your standard micro USB or USB-C cable plugged into the mains with an Apple charger, but please bear in mind that this may cause battery shrinkage as the Apple charger will deliver more power needed for the vape whilst charging.

As Apple chargers can deliver too much power, it is not recommended to use them. If you are desperate for some charge and have no other option, then using an Apple charger will work. Still, please remember that doing this can cause your battery to experience battery shrinkage or, even worse, shorting the battery resulting in it no longer being able to hold any charge.

A common issue for many disposable vapes on the market today is that the battery life may die before the tank inside has entirely run out of juice, which can feel like a waste. So using a rechargeable disposable vape is the best solution for fixing this issue.

Disposable vape devices come pre-filled with e-liquid and contain an in-built battery that is not designed to be recharged. The intention with disposable vape devices is that they will be discarded once the battery goes dead. However, it is possible to recharge a disposable vape pen with a little bit of DIY engineering. This is not a recommended method as it can be a safety issue.

Disposable vape devices aren't designed to be recharged, meaning they do not include micro-USB ports where you can plug in a charger. The majority of disposable vapes are designed to be discarded and replaced when their battery dies or you run out of e-liquid. Disposable vapes can run out of battery life before they run out of e-liquid. This means that there will still be e-liquid in your disposable vape after the battery dies, with no power left for it to function correctly.

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