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How Do You Charge A Disposable Puff Bar?

Published 30 June 2022, Updated 9 April 2024

How Do You Charge A Disposable Puff Bar?

How Do You Charge A Disposable Puff Bar?

You can not charge a Puff Bar as it is a disposable vape and will come precharged. Once the battery dies, you will have to purchase a new device.

Puff Bar is the name of a brand of disposable vape devices; these devices come ready to use straight from the box. They're pre-filled and charged; once the device has run out, you cannot use it again. As a result, like all disposable devices, you are unable to refill or recharge the vape; purchasing a new device is required once it has stopped working.

We do not recommend opening up your disposable vape and trying to recharge it; this can cause a significant safety risk.

Like all disposable vape products, it will come pre-fitted with an internal battery already charged for use. In the UK, the devices legally available have batteries ranging typically between 400mAh and 800mAh; this provides enough power to the device for the number of puffs achievable.

In Europe, the device's Puff bar manufacturer for purchase has a range in battery capacity and puff ability.

  • Puff Bar is fitted with an internal 350mAh battery producing up to 400+ puffs.
  • Puff Bar Plus is fitted with an internal 550mAh battery producing up to 800+ puffs.
  • Puff Bar flow is fitted with an internal 850mAh battery producing up to 1800+ puffs.

You may also come across a more commonly known device called the Puff bar XXL; this has an internal 600mAh battery and can produce 1000+ puffs. This device is not available through Puff Bar, so be extremely wary of the authenticity of this product.

None of these products can be recharged or refilled and should be replaced if running out of e-liquid or battery.

Apart from the Puff bar with 2% nicotine, none of these products are legally available in the UK as they're non-compliant with the UK's regulations. It is illegal to sell any vape device with the capacity to store over 2ml of e-liquid and any nicotine stronger than 2%. Purchasing any of this put you at risk of receiving a counterfeit product.

Shopping via a reputable brand will ensure your vape has received the correct checks guaranteeing a safe product.

Can I Take Apart A Puff Bar?

It is highly recommended never to take apart a Puff bar or any disposable vape device. It can be hazardous.

Disposable vapes are neither refillable nor rechargeable, so once the device has run out, it should be disposed of correctly.

A quick search will lead you to find plenty of guides on how to take apart your disposable device to either see what's inside, refill or recharge it. This can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing, as you'll be dealing with batteries and circuit boards.

In conclusion, however tempting it may be to try and recharge or refill your disposable, please note that they're not intended for those purposes and to either purchase a new disposable vape or invest in a rechargeable vape kit.

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