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Can You Get A Vapourless Disposable Vape?

Published 1 July 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

Can You Get A Vapourless Disposable Vape?

Can You Get A Vapourless Disposable Vape?


Yes, the Aspire Mynus vape is the only known disposable vape to achieve a vapourless experience.

The Aspire Mynus is the only disposable vape device known to be vapourless when exhaling making it the ideal vaping solution where you prefer to go undetected.

This disposable vape is powered by the internationally recognised Aspire, an industry leader in the vaping world. The device is fueled by Wick Liquor, one of the UK's leading e-juice manufacturers.

This device comes in only three flavours, rich tobacco, icy menthol and mixed fruit. In addition to the limited flavours, the device only comes in 20mg nicotine salt format, which provides a smooth throat hit and almost instantaneous nicotine hit. The capacity of vape juice that the device contains is much less than other vape devices.

The Mynus has a 0.9ml liquid capacity that is reported to supply up to 180 undetectable puffs. The battery inside is pretty weak (just 150mAh) as far as batteries in disposable vapes go; however, this provides just enough power to vaporise all the e-liquid contained in the device.

This device is by far the leader in stealth vaping. It is so compact (measuring just 4cm wide, 4cm long, 1cm in depth and weighs just 20 grams) that it will fit in the palm of your hand with no apparent extrusions. Due to its advanced vapourless technology, no vapour will be exhaled. However, on the inhale, a small amount of vapour will be noted; this is still an excellent solution when you prefer to be discrete when vaping.

The device features auto-firing ignition; simply put the device to your mouth and inhale. The Mynus device is super discreet, producing no sound during vaping.

Similar to a cigarette or other pod vape systems, this disposable vape has been designed to replicate the same habits a smoker would undertake or MTL (mouth to lung) as opposed to DTL (direct to lung) like a shisha or more powerful device. Firstly, draw the vapour into the mouth, and then inhale into the lungs to replicate smoking a cigarette. Finally, exhale.

As this is a disposable vape, there is absolutely no maintenance required. Upon receiving your newly purchased Mynus device, simply tear open the packaging to unveil your device and begin vaping.

Once the device has been depleted of vape juice, simply dispose of it, but be sure not to throw your device into the general waste; instead, place it into a battery recycling bin. This is so that the valuable metals inside the battery are not thrown into a landfill or burned but instead recycled and reused in another battery-containing device.

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