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Can A Disposable Vape Cause Covid?

Published 1 July 2022, Updated 9 April 2024

Can A Disposable Vape Cause Covid?

Can A Disposable Vape Cause Covid?

There are currently no direct links between vaping and developing COVID.

Currently, there is no new evidence to suggest any link between vaping a disposable vape or inhaling vapour from a nearby vaper and catching Covid-19.

There is a risk of catching Covid-19 if you share a disposable vape with some who has already got the virus; this can increase the risk of the virus being passed through saliva. Not sharing your device with anyone is recommended to reduce other risks.

If you have the virus, clean your device before using it again to reduce the risk of being reinfected or causing it to spread.

Can Disposable Vaping Cause Covid To Be Worse?

There is no direct link between vaping and the impact of Covid-19 on your health.

As Covid-19 is a respiratory infection, you may notice when using a disposable vape and being infected by the virus; you are coughing more. This is because inhaling the vapour puts extra strain on your lungs. This goes for any product that you inhale.

It is recommended that while infected with Covid-19, you try to eliminate vaping or cut down on vaping as much as possible to give your respiratory system as much time as it needs to recover from the virus.

Can Disposable Vapes Kill You?

No, using a legitimate and regulated disposable vape, that has undergone the proper safety checks, will not kill you.

Issues can be caused if you are using a counterfit device.

In today's market, many disposable vapes appear genuine and can be highly appealing when marked at a lower price. It is imperative you only buy disposable vape devices from reputable companies. These authentic devices will have received the correct checks set by The Tobacco and Related Products Regulations; this ensures that the disposable vape you receive is as safe as possible.

The majority of disposable vapes now come with a code on the packaging, which allows you to confirm the device's authenticity through the manufactures website.

In the USA, some deaths have been thought to be linked to a chemical often used in e-liquids. The chemical is known as Diacetyl; this has been associated with causing issues with the lungs.

Diacetyl is a banned chemical within vaping products in the UK, which stops it from being used in any e-liquids, including the one housed in a disposable vape.

If you have purchased a vape and the labelling includes this chemical, then that is a concrete indication that the disposable is illegal and should not be used.

Unlike cigarettes, the chemicals used in a disposable vape are not directly linked to cancer.

According to the NHS website, "They're not completely risk-free, but they carry a small fraction of the risk of cigarettes. The liquid and vapour contain some potentially harmful chemicals also found in cigarette smoke but at much lower levels."

With this in mind, you should only consider using a disposable vape if you are using it to aid in quitting smoking; this can dramatically reduce the risk of harm.

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