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Can Vaping Cause Anxiety?

Published 18 May 2022, Updated 9 April 2024

Can Vaping Cause Anxiety?

Can Vaping Cause Anxiety?

Yes, nicotine can harm developing brains by making people more susceptible to developing nicotine addiction and risk of depression and anxiety.

Although nicotine itself has not been found to harm mental health directly, studies show that nicotine can lead to nicotine addiction and subsequently, depression and anxiety.

As we know that vaping can worsen symptoms of physical health risks, the mental health risks are usually overshadowed by this.

Vaping can worsen the symptoms of nicotine addiction, depression, and anxiety which is down to several reasons. If you have recently switched from cigarette smoking to vaping disposable vape bars, then your body may not be used to the drastic change just yet. This could be that the nicotine level in the e-liquid you are using is too high, which can leave a user feeling a dizzy sensation and feeling anxious due to the body not being used to this much nicotine.

Another cause of this could be to do with the user's own peace of mind; if the user is not entirely comfortable using a vape due to insufficient research or just down to the fact this is all completely new to them, then this can trigger anxiety also.

Does Vaping Help With Anxiety?

In some cases, vaping can help with anxiety as it can help a user relax more. Still, it is a known fact that vaping nicotine can worsen anxiety symptoms and even amplify feelings of depression.

Studies show that using e-cigarettes can worsen the symptoms of anxiety and depression compared to someone who has never used an e-cigarette or real cigarette in their life before. Using an e-cigarette more frequently has been found that this can lead to higher depressive symptoms.

Many people interpret the effect you get from tobacco products as a way to relieve stress. Because of this, many people have chosen to begin vaping to ease stress, anxiety, and depression without actually knowing that they could be making their symptoms worsen.

Is Vaping Good For Depression?

Vaping is not an effective way of battling depression or sadness. Many people may be tempted to reach for their vaping device when feeling sad or depressed, but this has the risk of worsening your symptoms of depression and sadness.

Even if, before you started vaping, you experienced spells of sadness or depression, you may notice that these symptoms have intensified since quitting vaping whilst also making you feel sluggish, sad and irritable. The symptoms are usually only temporary, whilst your body changes and adapt to being with or without nicotine.

There are several ways to try and prevent these feelings of depression and sadness:

Get Active

Any physical exercise can help overcome feelings of depression and sadness. Going for a short walk, going to the gym, or any sporting activity will help drastically positively boost your mood.

Stay Busy

Staying busy by keeping your mind occupied, whether at work or even by doing a hobby, can decrease a sad or depressive episode.

Can Vaping Cause Stress?

No, Vaping can not cause stress, and even though vaping may seem like a temporary solution to feeling stressed out, this could worsen any stress-related symptoms you may be experiencing.

When you first begin to vape, you may feel less stressed and more focused, feeling fantastic. Nicotine can make a great first impression, but over some time, you will notice that this effect wears off and may potentially be worsening your symptoms.

If you have not vaped for several hours, a quick puff on a vape can give you quick nicotine hit that you have been craving but do not vape for another few hours. You are back to feeling terrible again, so there is a small risk of vaping being able to cause stress, but this is due to not getting the satisfaction you are craving.

If you have chosen to start vaping to deal with stress, you may be dealing with another issue to stress about; your body now craves nicotine. This feeling does not go away quickly and can impact a user's mental health. This means that vaping nicotine can cause more and not less stress.

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