How Do You Open A Disposable Vape?

Published July 12th 2022
This article discusses the steps of opening a disposable device and explains why it is not the best idea to do this.

How Do You Open A Disposable Vape?

Disposable vape devices are not designed to be opened up as they do not offer the option to be refilled or recharged and are meant to be disposed of and replaced when finished. If you open up a disposable vape pen, you will then struggle to safely and securely reassemble it, so it is in a condition to be vaped safely.

The top 10 disposable vape brands on the market today produce disposables of a similar design. Most will come in a small, thin pen-shaped device, or some brands have chosen the small, palm-sized square vape design. Both of these designs do not give the option to open them up unless you break the disposable vape itself, which means it can no longer be used.

If you are so excited to get to know what is inside of a disposable vape pen, then you should not rush. These vapes are quite small and often are not made of very sturdy materials. From their name, you can understand that they are meant to be disposed of and not intended to be refilled for extended use.

How Do You Destroy A Disposable Vape?

The simplest way of destroying a disposable vape is to dismantle the device, remove the battery, rinse out any e-liquid residue from the cartridge, and then recycle and dispose of all the components separately.

Disposable vape kits and pre-filled pods are intended for single use only. Once they are empty, you will need to dispose of them.

Dismantle The Disposable Vape Pen.

The disposable vape can be separated into several parts, most of which can be recycled. You should disconnect the vape device first, as recycling companies can't process them whole, and then remove the battery before disposal.

Remove The Battery.

Batteries are full of toxic chemicals and substances. You can't mix them with other general waste and throw them in the trash because the toxic chemicals inside the battery can pollute the water and destroy the protective layer around landfills, harming human health. You should keep the battery in a separate bin or search for your local battery recycling point. But disposable vape kits are all-in-one. It can be tricky to remove the battery of disposable vape kits and pre-filled pods. You should not try to do this.

Rinse Out The Cartridge/Tank.

The used cartridges or tanks can be harmful due to e-liquid residue lingering inside them if you do not dispose of them properly. Some disposable vape devices don't have enough battery life to ensure they last to the last drop of e-liquid. You should rinse them carefully with water before recycling or disposing of them.

It is important to note that at no point should you try opening up your disposable vape as you're dealing with batteries, which can be dangerous.

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