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Can I Make Vape Juice At Home?

Published 10 June 2022, Updated 8 April 2024

Can I Make Vape Juice At Home?

Can I Make Vape Juice At Home?

Yes, you definitely can make vape juice yourself. Many e-liquid brands you see on the market first started by creating their own e-liquid. However, you must approach mixing your own e-liquids with caution and take protective measures as you will be handling chemicals.

While some of you might look at store-bought vape juice and think, due to the colouring, and unique flavours, that it seems way more complicated than you think, making your e-liquid is rewarding, and with enough knowledge and experience, you can do it reliably.

First off, you need to have the essential ingredients, just like if you were to try making your dish. If you don’t buy the right ingredients, it could be unhealthy for you to vape it then. This is also a safety issue. While the processes don’t involve flame, burning or explosives, you should still be careful in a controlled, clean room.

In total, you will need Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerol, the two main active ingredients of e-liquid. While PG is generally more well-liked in the DIY juice-making community, you may be allergic to it, so consider that. VG and PG are both approved by health authorities and are widely used in foods and e-juices.

Next, you should also consider using distilled water if you are thinking of running a 100% VG recipe. This may not be needed for PG/VG blends since PG is less thick and smoothens the mixture.

Make sure to buy flavouring, and make sure to buy those formulated explicitly for inhaling. If you use food flavouring made for tasting, you will find the taste very mild and sometimes strange, as the flavouring will interact with the heating coil. A usual mix contains about a tenth of flavouring, but test this yourself as this depends on your individual preference and the strength of the flavouring involved.

Nicotine. You will need nicotine if you are used to vaping nicotine-based vape juices. To make nicotine e-liquid, you can use both PG or VG base with no problem, but adding nicotine can complicate the process. This is because you must be mindful of what nicotine concentration you want to add to your e-liquid. Nicotine is also quite hazardous in the liquid form, and you must ensure never to ingest nicotine and let your children around it.

Lastly, you will need syringes, empty and clean plastic bottles (preferably disposable since you won’t want other mixtures influencing the flavour of your current e-juice mix), tissue paper and a pair of quality rubber gloves.

To put it all together, you should steep and blend properly. If you pour all four ingredients in, you will find that in order of density, PG, your flavour, nicotine and VG will be at the bottom. This is why you will have to steep it and shake it repeatedly.

Voila! Now you have your mixture. One last tip, make sure you steep your e-liquid. The longer you steep, the tastier your e-liquid will be.

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